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What do YOU bring to a new RoG world?


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Hello all,


With around 30 slots available (regular inventory and piggyback), what do all of you bring with you to a new RoG world?


I just used the teleportato for the very first time in vanilla DS (aaaaaand got killed by a tentacle spike right out of the gate.  *sigh*).  It was fun deciding what to take with me,  but with Reign of Giants, there are so many more choices! 



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I like valuable resources, so Gold, Gears, non renewables (I'm looking at you Mandrakes and fireflies) and should I be blessed to get it, the Krampus Sack. I am debating if it's worth the space to take a used Old bell, likely yes. And of course, a stack of long lasting food like Bacon and Eggs or Jerky (unless WX, then the gears are fine.) The Eyebrella along with the Walking Cane and Tam O Shanter always go with me. Depending on my space, I also take a Sewing kit and Hound's teeth as well as a full stack of Silk. Same with Pigskins. 


IMHO the most valuable resources are the pre-built structures you take with you. Popping down a Shadow Manipulator, Alchemy Engine [that is if you didn't finish prototyping everything before you left of course,] Crock Pot, Ice Box, Pig House and Fling o Matic (just off the top of my head) really gets ahead of the rush! 

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... I didn't know fireflies were non-renewable.  That's good to know.


I'm really tempted to bring a full stack of saplings and grass tufts, that way I don't have to forage much in the new world.  I can just set up base immedately upon finding a good spot.

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I honestly find that I more spaces than I really need. I can bring just about everything I *need*, *want*, and more. So many things are just so easy to get that I fill up on stacks of rocks, because it is the only thing I ever find a pain in the ass after several hundred days of a world. The more I have in the new world the better.


A stack of hounds teeth I find to be the most important, makes enough traps to make 3/4 giants no more threatening than dog attacks. You do not even need gears, you will have way more than enough in whatever world you arrive in, and all the things that need gears in them you will already bring pre-built.

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I bring non-renewables but I try to limit the amount of prebuilt stuff I bring, without challenge I get bored rather easily. I usually want to test out how good a new character is on their own. Cane/tele is mandatory though, I'd download a car if I could.

From what I know, usually half the items you take with you are completely random and easy to get, lol. But who doesn't, really?


Here's a perfect list of what to bring with you to the next world, if you would want to move to the next world and not move ever again, ish:


Back slot) Krampus sack

Head slot) Tam-o-shanter

Hand slot) Walking cane/The lazy explorer


4) All available mandrakes

5) Three guardian horns

6) Full stack/as many Sluper pelts as possible

7) Stack of red gems

8) Stack of blue gems

9) Stack of yellow gems

10)Stack of green gems

11) Stack of orange gems

12) Stack of walrus tusks

13) Full stack of Deerclops eyeballs

14) Full stack of Scales

15) Full stack of Thick fur

16) Full stack of Down feathers

17) Stack of honey pultices

18) Stack of hound's teeth

19) Stack of bone shards

20) Stack of Tentacle spots

21) Stack of gears

22) Stack of silk (Unless you're Webber)

23) Stack of nightmare fuel

24) Stack of Fireflies

25) Stack of gold

26) Stack of reeds

27) Stack of nitre or stack of beard hair

28) Stack of marble

29)Stack of living logs


And prebuild everything that is possible to prebuild (Yes, even things you don't need, such as Science machine, as from smashing them you'll get some extra stuff). Here's the list:


Fire pit

Endothermic fire

Endothermic fire pit


Siesta Lean-to

Basic farm

Improved farm

Bee box

Drying rack

Crock pot

Ice box

Science machine

Alchemy engine


Thermal measurer

Lightning rod

Ice fling-o-matic



Pig house

Rabbit hutch

Scaled chest

Potted fern


Shadow manipulator


Tell me if I missed something

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With around 30 slots available (regular inventory and piggyback), what do all of you bring with you to a new RoG world?


I would ask if you're leaving a world you've not explored fully, or a world you've exploited fully and are tired of? 


If you're hopping worlds after finding that the one you have isn't laid out well, or doesn't have a pig king, then you'll have much easier choices than if you've fully exploited a world and have lots of exotic items and thulicite etc.


I'm only going to address the first case, as there's too many options in the second case.  In my case, once I've decided I don't like a world, I strip-mine the good stuff from the above world (including digging all the graves), and try to make sure that I've made it to the caves and prototyped the lantern and a bunny house.   Pre-make a bunny house, and try to find them all, destroy them, and bring the tails.   Makes setting up bunny villages MUCH easier in the next world.  By the time I've finished all that I've usually been in the world a year.


Must-brings: Walking Cane and Tam O shanter (if you have them)


Other things: Fireflies, hounds teeth, gears, shadow fuel, pig skins, gems (ESPECIALLY blue, but also red and purple , and the others if you've gotten that far)


If you've got some, also bring:  bunny tails, any giant-drops or items made from them.  The eyebrella is an especially good one to have.


I also like to bring a full stack of silk, so I don't have to bother with it for awhile, but it's not strictly necessary.


I also bring lureplant bulbs, mostly because I incorporate them into defenses, but a luremeat farm is nice too.


Bringing a full stack of 40 silk and a full stack of 40 hounds teeth is MUCH more efficient than bringing 1 sewing kit.


Gears aren't really necessary if you're not WX, but I bring them anyway, since they're only tumbleweed renewable, and I'm a hoarder like that.


My own personal quirk is to bring all lawn gnomes, rockets, and robots that I find.  Just because.


Bring food if you feel the need, preferably jerkies or ham and eggs.  This is especially a good idea for Wigfrid.   I usually don't bother though.


I usually bring a stack of marble too, but it's not really necessary.  Nice for setting up marble flooring quick.


Since I've usually been through a winter, I usually have a stack of blowdarts or two.  Bring them.  Also bring a stack of gunpowder if you have it.  It's really nice rolling into a new world knowing that you could easily dispatch 6-8 giants in a row right off the bat.


If you use mandrakes bring them.  I wouldn't bring the pan flute - it doesn't stack and is inefficient.  I personally barely use it, and you'll find a new one by the glommer statue anyway.


Old bell is kind of nice to bring as it makes wood-farming very fast, and in the intiial stages you need a LOT of wood, especially if you make lots of chests.  Don't bring more than 1 unless you use them A LOT!  I usually don't bring it.


I would reiterate, bring ALL your hounds teeth (no stacks smaller than ~10 though), and if you know you're going to jump worlds due to a bad world, do your best to not make tooth traps because you can't bring them with you efficiently, unlike a stack of 40 teeth.    Personally I never build any tooth traps until I'm sure I like the world, meaning it has to have a pig king, and a 'nice' layout.  Once I know I don't like it, I try to use beefalo for defense, and I raze all the desert hound mounds and bones I can for teeth.  It's pretty easy to jump worlds with 2-3 full stacks of hounds teeth if you stay for  year.


Do NOT bring saplings or grass.  They're extremely common and don't stack very high.   You may want to bring a stack of 40 rot if you want to set up fast, for fertilizing grass.  Since it takes a while to get a good amount of rot going.  It's tempting to bring berry bushes but you're pretty much guranteed to have plenty in the new world.  I don't bring them usually.   But if you want to set up a fast berry farm, bring a stack.


I would further advise against bringing relatively common stuff like stone and gold and reeds.  Unless you're very slow at exploring, they're not hard to find in your next world.


Also don't bring your character-specific item.  You'll be given a new one in the next world.


Don't bring weapons (aside from blowdarts) or armor unless it's ruins-level or shadow and you just have empty spaces you need to fill.


One further tip: when arriving in the new world you'll want to drop basically everything you brought.  Try to put all mole-edible items in the piggyback, because there's a fair chance of them being around your start position.  Also keep the fireflies in there. 


I believe my last loadout was:

1 Piggyback (worn)

2 Eyebrella (didn't get a tam, so wore this on my head)

3 Walking stick (held)

4 pig skins

5 bunny tails

6 red gems

7 blue gems

8 purple gems

9 fireflies

10 fireflies

11 marble

12 silk

13 lureplant bulbs

14 G'Goose Down

15 Hibearnation Vest

16 lawn gnomes

17 rockets

18 robots

19 gears

20 shadow fuel

21 hound teeth

22 hound teeth

23 hound teeth

24 blowdarts

25 blowdarts

26 gunpowder

27 ?

28 ?

29 ?

30 ?

I don't remember the last 4 - probably duplicates, maybe an old bell etc.

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Good tips around here. My mustard:

  • Bring a stack of jerky, it lasts long and keeps your stats up for a few days.
  • Prebuild stuff, it kickstarts you.
  • Drop your piggy back/krampus sack asap, leaving all luxury resources and late game necessities in there. Grab it later.
  • Wear a hat and hold a cane. Self-explainatory, right?
  • If you play as Wickerbottom, don't bring mandrakes if you could take something more useful to her, say tentacle spots.
  • Do not leave space for starter items. They'll spawn anyways, and can be picked up.

That's all I think. What other stuff to take with you is explained very well above. Basically strictly limited stuff and valuable equipment.

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So when we move to another world on sandboxie we can take all he itens that we are carrying? and we just have to make it just like the adventure mode? find 4 parts and etc tp to a new world? i didn't know it work on sandboxie lol 0-o

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@brummbar7 @XirmiX  Both of your responses were seriously amazing, btw.  Guaranteed, I will be referring to them every time I transfer RoG worlds from now on.

Oh, there was one thing I totally forgot about, that you'll probably need in the next world (all though you won't be able to use it straight away) which is Thulecite. Now, it could replace some stuff like Rocks, Nitre, Gold or Flint, but those are quite important to take, as well as the Beardhair is. I think I'll need to dig a bit deeper on what to bring to the next world and having it all perfectly done. Thought right now, I'd say the only way you're gonna go to the next world and nail everything is by having multiplayer, as you will however need logs, grass, twigs and most definitely food in near future after you've moved to the next world. So for now, if you take the items I said before and thulecite, as well as some generally needed resources, and may be this and that as well, you should be all right.


Here's what I thought about gold; using tumble weeds and getting trinknets is good. Whichever of them gives more gold from giving one to pig king, would be the best to take a full stack of to the next world, thought it would take a long time (Either taking a stack of Dessicated tentacles or Bath tubs to the next world instead of gold). I'd suggest you find a Decidous forest, which has a pig village in it. Some worlds have two Decidous forests, which of only one is going to have pig village nearby. If this pig village has a pig king, you're lucky, if not, recommended you move to the next world in a few days again, as without a pig king, you'll be stuck with a stuck of useless junk, which you could have turned into tons of gold (160 or 320 gold to be exact. If you get a pig king in the next world, then you'll get like 300 more gold, than just bringing a stack of gold to the next world)


This is all why with multiplayer, even the toughest goals wouldn't take too long!

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Oh, you can get thulecite in tumble weeds? Awesome, now if mandrakes were possible too, that would be even more great, lol. I did some more digging, but this is for the multiplayer. So far probably the best way to prepare for the next world with multiplayer:


Walking cane/Lazy explorer (every player)
Tam-o-shanter (every player)
Krampus sack (one player at least)
40 Grass (every player)
40 Ice (every player)
10 Grass tuft (every player)
10 Sapling (every player)
10 Down thermantidote (every player)
10 Berry bush (every player)
40 Twigs (more than one player)
20 logs (more than one player)
40 Silk (every player)
40 Nightmare fuel (every player)
20 Living log (every player)
40 Fireflies (every player)
20 Pig skin (every player)
20 Manure (every player)
40 Nitre (every player)
40 Rocks (every player)
40 Azure feather (every player)
40 Crimson feather (every player)
40 Jet feather (every player)
40 Thulecite (every player)
40 Gears (every player)
40 Marble (every player)
40 Hound's tooth (every player)
40 Tentacle spike (every player)
40 Reeds (every player, as much as possible. You'll run out of them quickly)
40 Charcoal (every player)
10 Scales (more than one player)
10 Deerclops eyeball (more than one player)
10 Thick fur (more than one player)
40 Pinecone
20 Birchnut
Ancient guardian horn (as many as possible)
40 Purple gem
40 Red gem
40 Blue gem
40 Yellow gem
40 Green gem
40 Orange gem
20 Bone shards (more than one player)
40 Dessicated tentacle/40 Bath tub (more than one player)
10 Walrus tusk (more than one player)
40 Stinger (more than one player)
40 Honey pultice (more than one player)
40 Filnt (more than one player)
40 Beardhair (one player at least)
40 Slurper pelt (one player at least)
Mandrake (as many as possible, as much as possible)
10 Spider eggs (one player at least)
10 Fleshy bulb (one player at least)
40 Bunny puff (more than one player)
10 Broken shell (one player at least)
Honeycomb (as much as the world has generated from Bee hives and Killer bee hives)
By my calculations, this would require at least 17 players being in the game (if everyone has Krampus sacks). I'd one day like to test this out. Tell me if I've missed anything else. And of course everyone having everything prebuilt.
PS: Ever thought what it means to fully conquer the whole of your DS world? Well I got some idea:
Having every part of your map under control and everything is aligned the way you want it to be (Say, no more bee hives or killer bee hives. They're all turned into bee boxes, or having all berry bushes dug up and multiple being put in certain places to maintain hunger, same with grass and twigs for resources etc.). The same being with caves and ruins. Caves having no more batilisks when you go down there, all rabbit hutches under your control, no more tentacles (not including giant tentacles), all different spider dens being destroyed/replanted wherever you want, all different rocks being already mined. And in ruins all Clockworks being destroyed (including the Broken clockworks, which you could repair to get a friend), all thulecite walls destroyed for thulecite fragments, all splu monkeys and slurpers dead (splu monkey spawn points as well), all ancient statues mined, having night lights all over the place and having lightning rods around Ancient altars (which all would be fully repaired) in case they get destroyed by a player (cause rooks won't be there anymore, lol)).
For the overworld, also having all rocks mined, all graves dug up, Glommer statue broken, Moleworms all placed where you want them to be at (could be at multiple places, in case you're too lazy to travel too far, but this is possible), tooth traps in places you want them to be, say all around hound mounds (not sure if efficient, since tooth traps do break) or around the tons of spider dens in order to get a lot of spider glands and silk, and may be some monster meat.
Technically having multiple bases around the world and underground, where the danger would only be where you could harvest some stuff (If all the tentacles are killed, don't worry, if you can make multiple raincoats and feather hats with their tentacle spikes, they won't get used up fully, as long as you farm hounds, spiders and logs from trees to make sewing kits. And as for giants, well create arenas where you could also have tons of tooth traps around to your advantage. Having Ice fling-o-matics almost everywhere would probably be necessary too to conquer the whole of your world. Also having all of the Touchstones ready for any season would be part of this (or just build a base around each one, lol)
There's probably a lot more stuff to cover about fully conquering the world. I've seen one guy's gigantic base built in 1000 days (which even I couldn't build in 1000 days) and he has all this and even decorations. Now he hasn't fully conquered all of his world, thought, so I think all this I said above would probably be possible to do in 10 000 days, but in multiplayer, it would probably take only those 1000 days).
/\ I bet no one has done EXACTLY what I said above without using the console, have they? Well, I am thinking once DST comes out fully or is available to everyone, lets try and do it, guys! I wonder, how many days will it take YOU to fully conquer the DS world in multiplayer (and I mean with RoG enabled). If you wanna go addict, please, try and do this right now in single player.
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Gears are an absolute must, and mandrakes don't spoil
pretty sure all the long term desireables are covered by other people already.

so a guide for fun speed hopping =D

if you're speedily hopping worlds you should collect berry bushes and a single manure stack, and gears. boneshards are actually kind of difficult to accumulate in quantity so hammer all the skeletons

that aside, saving all your wood in the form of planks and stones as cut stones as well as collecting marble will ensure that when you do decide to settle somewhere you can swag it all up with plank and marble flooring, chests to contain the treasures you'll obtain, stone walls,

keeping a spiders nest with you through your worlds will ensure you an easy supply of not only monster meat and silk, but pig followers, and their meat and pigskins from werewolfing them

I think people are a bit too quick to settle in don't starve as i don't see too much continuous world hopping.

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