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  1. Have you been watching the live streams every Thuusday? I'm pretty sure they mentioned it being improved in the next major update in a couple different streams over the past few weeks. It will get better.
  2. Consider too that maybe it is by design that using geyser products is a 'deal with the devil' that is too good to be true, and that you will eventually pay for in this fashion. Probably not - Klei's too nice for that. But it would not be invalid for it to be designed so.
  3. I need a #9 brush!

    #1, there *is* a priority brush. It is the upward pointing arrow at the lower right. The issue is it pops up a TINY band of numbers, which you have to select. I have no idea why they make this number band so tiny. New players miss it all the time. #2 In the next update water bottles will be able to be emptied at a specific station for doing that. #3 Don't hold your breath on the general pipe mechanics changing. Yes, extremely short paths are a bad idea. And yes, having a line with pumps at both ends and consumers in the middle will confuse the sim. Do not set up your systems like that. It is easy to avoid. #9 Slow gas dispersion is probably a permanent limitation of the sim. You can only do so many updates a second before your processor bogs down. #10 The wash station is currently very not-awesome. But it and the entire disease mechanic will change in the next game update. #11 Ya, there needs to be a "do it now" command that forces the nearest dupe to drop whatever they're doing and do what you just told them to do. Maybe at a stress cost. #13 Like #2, will be fixed in the next update. Mopping will make bottles, which you will be able to empty with the new building. #8 Actually I think it'd be even better if they just panicked and start digging/demolishing random tiles. #12 I hear that having lots of loose debris around exacerbates lag, due to all the temperature exchanging going on. Admittedly not what you want to be a primary motivator though. Might help a little if some dupes had a 'fear of clutter' trait that greatly accelerated stress gain from mess. Or maybe if they trip over debris sometimes. #13 People suggest this a lot, but frankly it's just one tile, and it's part of the 'burden' of taking on more dupes - they take up space, they take more food, and breathe more oxygen. I think of it this way - I like to eat at my desk, and I would not want other people eating at my desk, messing with my stuff, leaving their gross food debris around. I'm honestly hoping that down the road dupes become even more demanding, perhaps wanting their own separate rooms, etc. It's all just to warehouse-ey right now. If they do eventually allow dupes to share tables, be prepared for those tables to take 2 or 3 tiles, I'd wager. #14 ikr? #2 - Gravity-affected pipes would make things easier (fewer pumps needed). Might also increase the burden on the processor? If they allowed it, then maybe they should also require larger and larger pumps to pump water to higher and higher elevations (that or you stair-step your pumps). I mean if it's more realism ya want... #4 - Check out the last dev stream, where they talked about the new disease system. You can bet that in the next big update, or soon thereafter, we will be using chlorine to kill disease. #5 Steam is a thing that exists already. If you mean humidity, eh. Sounds to me like more processor load for questionable gameplay benefit. #7 Ignore the current medicine system. It is useless and unfinished, and the entire current disease system will be totally changed in the next big update. #10 Ya, there's a few buildings that it's kind of hard to tell if Klei purposefully put them in to trip up new players with bad choices, or if they just haven't quite gotten them balanced yet. #11 I've never heard of that problem. You may want to elaborate if it's a consistent problem for you.
  4. Portable Ladder

    It would definitely be useful to be able to build ladders or scaffolding. Maybe they could go on the same layer as natural blocks, and so when they are built in front of buildings, those buildings can't be used till the ladder/scaffold is removed (just like being entombed), that way you can't just leave them around as a permanent feature.
  5. Probably referring to standard anime expressions. From that particular image, the dupe in the OP most resembles irritated, exasperated, or ignoring.
  6. Ya exactly, the GUI is practically already done. But, from things others have said I get the impression having lots of compactors can contribute to lag. I just don't know if the feature would be a net help to processor load, or a net burden, from having to also sort a permission list, in addition to everything else.
  7. One way to fix that would be to give containers the ability to have permissions. I mean, they're giving us the ability to control the max capacity, which seems of minimal utility to me. So why not also let us control who can deposit to and remove from a container? I've suggested it before in relation to puft slime management, but it would also address this concern, although it would be easier done if you had well specialized compactors. If you had specialized lockers you could easily forbid pickups from all other granite lockers aside from the one you want used, until your project is done. If all your lockers have just a mish-mash of material it'd be harder to do, but you could still do it, especially if you have a focused crew that handles construction. Pickup and deliver would be separate permissions. This would also for instance solve @Whispershade's fertilizer problem, as he could simply have specific fertilizer lockers with permissions only for specific dupes, rather than having to section them off in their own room. Perhaps it might even aid in reducing processor overhead, if dupes aren't having to sort through a list of every compactor in the base any time they want to store or pick up material?
  8. I'm aware of mesh tile tech level, which is why I also mentioned lowered tile. (this is currently only an issue in the first 20-ish turns, depending on how you prioritize mesh tile research) If you watch the video at 41:30, the dupe places the bottle onto the emptier from two tiles away (as they can do with any delivery) so he does *not* step in the polluted water which is present there. So you could in fact have the emptier on a floating tile at the same floor level, with a gap of 1 on either side, and the dupes can use it fine. Since the bottle does not drain on the emptier tile itself, it would stay dry. Mirroring totally unnecessary.
  9. I'd settle for changing puft AI so they don't kamikaze-drown themselves.
  10. imo the argument for mirroring the transformer is far stronger than for mirroring the bottle emptier. There's nothing about a fixed emptier position that a mesh tile or slightly lowered position wouldn't have solved, near as I can tell. So hopefully they'll finally get the transformer a mirror function.
  11. I'm not entirely sure. The thing is, atmo/temp/level switches can be placed in some pretty extreme environments, and because of how extreme they are they're often very hard to access, if not entirely walled off. As opposed to valves which aren't sensing anything, they're just allowing stuff to pass-through. If atmo/temp/level switches required dupe adjustment, I think a lot of current system designs would become much more problematic. Valves can be in the same situation, but I think they generally have more flexibility of placement, so the player can put them outside the most extreme areas. I've been assuming they're either as intended, or the devs are just leaving them for now, due to the general alpha state of the game, as they seem to be doing with a host of other things. The computer thing has been suggested before, and I do think it's a good idea. Then they could easily justify making the sensors manual-adjust by default, since there would also be a remote solution. It could be enhanced by making computers only able to communicate through normal wire. Then you'd either need to have one per circuit, or create one computer with switched connections to several circuits. Which they could further discourage if they wanted to.
  12. It's most annoying when you're building an abyssalite pipe network, and you run out of the abyssalite and then it switches to another stone automatically without notification. Later you notice massive heat leakage, have to individually seek out the wrong-stone pipes, disassemble them (they're full of water of course). Terrible mechanic.
  13. Invasions?

    These things would make base defense extremely annoying and difficult. (But I agree that a use for combat would be good, and more than just slaughtering livestock (which it seems we might get soon). In the current game I just turn it off for all dupes and leave it that way) I think it would be much better if the threats came from outside the base, so the player could build some defenses.
  14. Coal generators and natgas generators both produce CO2 in large amounts. In the current situation, fertilizer is also effectively unlimited given that fertilizer makers are commonly primarily used for generating natgas, rather than fertilizer (a gripe of mine). Fresh water is by far the limiting factor, especially given that algae terrariums cannot have scalding water piped directly into them through abyssalite pipes with no ill effects, unlike hydrofarms and a host of buildings. Added to all this, there's no disadvantage to using scrubbers to remove CO2 currently. They can use scalding water, reduce it to a fixed temperature, and output polluted water, which can be almost infinitely disposed of in hydrofarms, provided you're doing well with your mealwoods and peppers. So PW isn't really that bad a byproduct. Even arguably not at all bad - just awkward when it gets mixed with pure water. Now, it's going to be interesting to see how the next update might change the farming situation. I'm unclear how you arrive at your 'net balance' given that your two modes have only one -small PW (how do you net -med PW out of that?), and has a -med water and +small water, which sounds to me like a net - of water. And overall, I think it would be too confusing to have one building have two modes. Better to have an entirely separate building to do one of the things, imo.
  15. Ya, that one is definitely a terrible idea. I mean, once you know it happens, you can watch for it, so it's not killer. But it's a bad idea in terms of mechanics.