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I flipped through the first  few pages and did a search but didn't find anything about Krampus. Has anyone heard anything about whether Naughtiness will be measured per player or for the entire world to trigger Krampus? He could become an interesting troll mechanic to spawn him near other people's bases. Or, if it's wold-based Naughtiness, you could work with your friends to farm him and try to drop a sack.



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Back on topic...

I think the whole naughtiness thing will be tracked per player rather than the alternative, since we don't want griefers spawning in Krampus as soon as new players join, not to mention Krampus would appear way too often on larger multiplayer servers.

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Not trying to necro this thread, but the same question came up between a friend and I recently - we were wondering if one player might as well be responsible for the jackalope xenocide or if the mass slaughters should be distributed amongst us to control the Krampi's appearance.

I couldn't find a solid answer anywhere so I took a glance at the code. At present, as of Steam BuildID 529903, each player has their own individual naughtiness threshold - so to avoid Krampus, take turns slaughtering innocent creatures. To expedite his arrival, only one player should have blood on their hands.

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