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Voltgoats can repopulate now?

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Please let goats repopulate. Because it's already difficult to have more than 10 goats in a world, and milk is almost impossible to have. And I want ice creams...

I create world a month ago. I have 8 goats. Now, since the last update i have 23. They probably  repopulate. 

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Voltgoats repopulate quite fast;2 days after killing one, another appears. Although there might not be a mating sign, they have, what I call, parthenogenesis. Meaning: they reproduce like aphids.


I have to add something that is off topic. It seems that rock lobsters don't spawn like what they used to, instead, the youngs come out from the cave entrance. I tried to bring one to the surface and immediately moved it back. 3 days later, a baby came out from the entrance. I tried doing this in another world, where killing one will spawn new ones days later. I know someone posted this a while ago, but I want to bring it up again as it is quite a hassle to deal with them. 

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They repopulate incredibly fast, I have them set to more on my world with the "better lots" mod installed so they don't appear in places they shouldn't and I'll cull 3 out of 5 of their herds and the next day or day after that their herd will be back at 5, it's pretty damn crazy.

This is not to mention that they are incredibly easy to kill at night and always provide 3 meat, along with the fact they don't all gang up on you.

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