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  1. How long does the aporkalypse last now past the first?
  2. Not a game breaking bug at all, but the dlc currently has a bit of a consistency issue in that the oddities shop sells items such as the deerclops eyeball and walrus tusk but the recipes are not enabled within the dlc for the player to use those materials for crafting.
  3. That sounds fair and logical, also the chilled amulet sounds good too.
  4. I'm having a bee related issue, I have no bee boxes, beehives, or any bee related structures at all around where I'm currently calling my camp yet bees continually spawn from seemingly nowhere, and obviously do not have a home since they sleep where they are located when it becomes night. While, aside from the absolutely insane amount of flowers they are producing being a fire hazard, and them being a threat when it reaches spring, this currently isn't that huge an issue, but I thought I should report it. The only thing I can figure is this is part of some set piece that people have either never really noticed or it was added very recently in RoG, and if this is the case could you please confirm this?
  5. I am aware you intend to update this mod for RoG, but I just wanted to let you know as it stands when this mod is installed you cannot acquire cactus flesh in any way.
  6. Honest question, have you actually ever played Webber? Or are you basing all this information on what you've heard/ seen from other people?
  7. He's hardly "OP" In any sense of the word. While not triggering spiders is helpful, even though only very slightly, in caves, befriending spiders ends up being more of a burden than a gift since they almost immediately eat any meat on the ground, including boss drops. This tends to make me only use them very, very rarely, you can't even use them to do anything useful that's not combat related! Like chopping trees! Coupled with the fact that he has an incredibly low sanity (even though this is really hardly an issue for experienced players) he's rather balanced, especially compared to wigfrid, WX, Wolfgang, or even Wickerbottom at times. Sure, being able to get basically free silk, spider glands, and monster meat sounds like a huge advantage, but any character can passively gain these items by just making a small pen with some rabbitmen and a spider nest.
  8. I'm almost entirely through spring and my night/dusk portions are just as large as they were at the end of winter, it's really frustrating to do stuff with that little amount of daylight.
  9. Not sure if this mod is still maintained or not, but if you attempt to craft the chilled amulet in the DLC you will crash. Edit: I attempted to give myself the amulet through the console, crashes you exactly as if you had crafted it, probably just having it in your inventory crashes you.
  10. Bug: Dragonfly dropped scalemail instead of scales. Edit: My mistake, this was an issue caused by a mod interaction.
  11. What does the deerclops drop now? Edit: I spawned him in through the console and killed him but he didn't drop anything but meat, if this is intended this is a stupid game design decision and is reminiscent of playing an MMO and killing something for -bodypart- and they don't drop it. Edit: As said later in the thread, this was an issue caused by a bad mod interaction.
  12. Has the issue where rock lobsters would spawn in insane amounts been fixed?