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Fan Art Spotlight: Don't Starve Mod Collaboration - Up and Away

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Hey folks, this week's Fan Art Spotlight is on Up and Away! 


If you're interested in Don't Starve mods or modding in general, then you should definitely check out Up and Away; a large-scale collaborative mod effort by a number of our community members. To see more of the work-in-progress mod's screen, look for the Up and Away art thread, and if you're interested in helping out, join the conversation in the Up and Away sub-forum!


A few more Up and Away screenshots below: 

Remember to check out our Fan Art Spotlight gallery for more Don't Starve inspired art, fan-written field notes, in-character stories and more!
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Yes, this is from when I and a herd of beefalo killed my first Deerclops, but it's still a victory pose none-the-less!


That's also my first mod character ever, back from when I first started playing. That was my third save ever, day 100 or something.

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