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Underground giant

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I'd like to see molemen and a giant mole (mole king) if they Klei should do another DLC.

I hope they will do another one. Reign of Giants was worth the three bucks for so much content! I would buy another one any time!

And I would like to see the tentacle monster. But ten times bigger than the giants.

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If anything the tentacle monster should have a whole damn floor devoted to it, the challenge of bring the beast done would require many supplies and days of work and effort and have serious effects on the world.

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Has anyone actually beat all 4 giants right now? Up to date, I've beaten the Summer, Autumn, and Winter ones. I have to say, ancient guardian is so much easier than the 3 (probably because I use gun powder and ice staff :/  ). Maybe we can have a cave giant that is a giant female rock lobster with a special ability to spawn rock lobsters, since we have the spider queen and that new alpha wolf (warg). 

FYI, if you stumble upon the warg first time, I suggest you kill it fast.

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