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  1. how did you figure this out? Just from all the greek stuff and alone and together???
  2. Is this the one that makes 17??? I don't think we had this an hour ago when I was last on the thread.
  3. SOmeone shouuld link some nice big pictures of this so everybody can see this other grid
  4. We don't have a 6 or 9, but 6 is a disused greek number so it is probally 9. Alsoo 200 is a disused greek number. Nine O Theta, is what we are missing in the sequence.
  5. I don't get that redirect. It just tells me I got something right
  6. I said that too. I think that is important as well. Edit. Also that same cresent moon apears in several of the hints.
  7. That's about it. The 2nd moon page insists we need 17, and we have found 16 notes. I feel there is something to do with the moon. That mechanism measures cycles of the moon. Moons are on the map and the chalk board.
  8. We might already be past the point where plotting them matters. That may have just been what we needed to do to figure out rocks, silk, and berries.
  9. YOur right. BUt wilson says when examing a gobbler "Stupid bird, stay away from my berries!' Maybe one note is one a crow and one is on a gobbler?
  10. The new moon occurs on game day 17....
  11. This is an astronomical clock!! Just found it on Google images! Edit: the thing hidden in the code. My quote did not work right
  12. I wonder what game day a moon like that first appears on when you play?
  13. I was aware of that, but maybe that is what it used to belong too. Perhaps it was not always a brain on a foot. In that artwork the foot does look very similar to what comes when you ring the bell.