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  1. I don't think pvp would fit in this concept. The characters are too different and the combat system isn't complex enough to make a good pvp experience. It should be played together not against each other.
  2. You don't find them in the workshop, because they are still in development. I think you mean the Multiplayer local coop 3 player shared screen by Desblat. It is buggy he works on it. Crynux is working on a mod and chromiumboy, too. You can find them under mods & tools in the forum.
  3. Echt? Wusste nicht, dass die das so kritisch betrachten. In dem Fall für die Admins: Don't worry we will continue to speak English again. I just said that I agree with his statements.
  4. Gut gesagt. Besonders das mit der wachsenden Fanbase und den damit verbundenen Vor-/Nachteilen. Kann dir da echt nur zustimmen.
  5. I can really understand this. I have the same worries, but I'm not sure. It's too early to judge. I know Klei make good things and that's why I'm waiting and hope that they will do the right thing. That is also a thing, what I fear. I'm not waiting for the multiplayer, because I like it to play it alone. I'm waiting how this decision will influence the future of Don't Starve and the forum. That's why I can't decide. I just hope that Klei made the right choice and the additional popularity will turn out good for future DLC's and singleplayer content, too.
  6. Thanks. I voted now. There are mods that work. But they need some improvement. Yes, you are right. Let's wait how this will turn out.
  7. There are multiplayer mods that work. They are still not perfect and need a bit improvement, but they exist. The people spend a lot of their free time to make it possible for those who wanted multiplayer so badly. And they couldn't know that because Klei said a thousand times, that there will be no multiplayer. But there it is. But there still can be much more things. How about lava caves, or the story mode? And there are still a lot of questions about Maxwell, Charlie and the dark creatures. So there is still much more room for new content. But this is talk about the far future of Don't Starve, so don't worry. There is much time to buy a better pc. xD It can be good but it also can be bad. I don't know. We can just wait and trust Klei, that they will do the right thing.
  8. Please add a button for "I don't know what to think about it". That's what I'm feeling right now. Then I will vote. Right now I'm a bit confused and maybe a bit sceptical, but first I want to look how it will turns out. I still think it's a waste of time because there are multiplayer mods existing and I feel bad for the people who worked so hard on these mods. Also time and ressources could be invested in more content/bug fixes etc. But I don't want to be too pessimistic. Maybe it will turn out to be a good thing. Maybe this will make Don't Starve more popular and they will bring out another cool singleplayer DLC which makes singleplayer mode even more difficult and fun. Let's hope for the best.
  9. I'm not sure if i can be happy about that. I would prefer another DLC with additional content a lot more than multiplayer and I would gladly pay for that. This seems like a waste of time and ressources. There are already multiplayer mods that work, even if they need some improvement. But ok, if this is what people want.
  10. I agree a lot with that. Also there are people out there that are working on multiplayer mods. So there is no need for that. New content would be more interesting.
  11. Caves are for the really rare gems, thulecite, and the ancient science machine. What do you think he should give at fullmoon nights?
  12. So the fullmoon only affects pics that has eaten at least 1 monster meat in their lives? This could make sense. Also great answers.