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  1. Thanks, You're one of the only people I know who knows about him. (Just like all of my mad ramblings.)
  2. A sharp wind shoots the flames at Rustlung.
  3. "AAAAAAAAH! S***!" A blast of ice shoots out of the ground towards Rustlung, coming from the hunter. 3 clockwork minions charge at Rustlung.
  4. Another green light knocks the axes out of the air. Two more hit Rusty's eyes.
  5. A flash of lighting cuts the purple ball in half. The tinker's staff glows green.
  6. Weston blows a note on his pipes, Pushing Alma's leg up and at her face.
  7. Weston drops the rotary telephone he was about to throw at Sugoh. Well thats that.
  8. How does one get DST keys again? I'm so out of touch.

  9. (If anyone disagreed, Then they should have said something. But as you say, I will introduce a reprocussion as soon as @Hugos10 says his response.)
  10. (AND WE JSUT AGREED ON A FLURRY(A small cold breeze btw) SO DON'T CORRECT ME.)