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  1. Do you have a instagram?

  2. You blame your mistakes on me? Disgusting! I was new! also great picture!!! Love how you drew mysterious challenger!
  3. First picture: berries Second picture: rock and wood. Third: silk maybe?
  4. or devs just say medics med-i cun got crazy after getting jarate and teleportet pyro into world of ds.
  5. i dont get it, new character is always good and nobody have said you need use him. but, if i must say something about wyro... IT DOESNT FIT ROLE!!
  6. well.. i have weapon idea. STORM IN SWORD!! when thunder hits the sword,it becomes empowered and can stun enemies. recipe: 1 volt goats horn 3 Electrical Doodad and 3 papurys.
  7. this weapon does little less damage than spear and have less uses, BUT! when you put it to the ground and thunder strikes sword,it becomes empowered. it gets more damage and have change to stun enemy(like volt goat) recipe 1 volt goats horn,3 Electrical Doodad and 3 papyrus.
  8. "cold tea,peach,friends. you can just imagine." "things are getting heated"
  9. psssssss. my ide for caption. "say pal, you doesnt look so COOL anymore" or "well hes hair is still in shape" OR "better you than me"