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  1. Like I've suggested, take away beta access from griefers, prove they are griefing through pictures or enough people saying they have griefed.
  2. Your list is pretty much focused on how well a character is combat-wise and then they other perks.
  3. It looks like he is repeating the way he made the door in the forbidden knowledge trailer.
  4. Yea if it goes up later I would want to test it.
  5. Ill join in as an ideaist but not right away so just write me up on the list for the time being (Damn school is destroying me with work)
  6. Hey man just wanted to say nice job with the mod and hope that it gets updated to the next update I personally like this idea and wanted to request it but you beat me to it
  7. WOO WHOOO Finally get to see the strings for items
  8. Hey I just wanted to say I have a little theory on sleeping what I think is that if your not inside of a structure or in the air grue can get you, however I have noticed that almost every animal sleeps at night, seeming to suggest that grue cant get something that is sleeping. Pig if they cant get to their homes will default to sleeping on the ground if night comes. Same with rabbits, even Krampus sleeps at night. Monsters of course are either immune to grues effects (highly unlikely) or were made by or work with grue.
  9. I would say spider their pretty cute or hound as a hound plushy would be neat too.Though im a little scared to see what a deerclops plushy would look like.
  10. I <3 the smallbird and all (tastes great ) but I'll wait for the super cute beefalo to come out or maybe even the spider.If you make all those things on the list I will most likely buy them all (collector FTW)Why isnt a Maxwell plushy on there WE NEED A MAXWELL PLUSHY