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  1. Perhaps its Resume? It looks just like Resume
  2. Like I've suggested, take away beta access from griefers, prove they are griefing through pictures or enough people saying they have griefed.
  3. Your list is pretty much focused on how well a character is combat-wise and then they other perks.
  4. Mysterious notes?

    It looks like he is repeating the way he made the door in the forbidden knowledge trailer.
  5. Yea if it goes up later I would want to test it.
  6. I returned just for this. It better be good
  7. Ill join in as an ideaist but not right away so just write me up on the list for the time being (Damn school is destroying me with work)
  8. Rechargeable Gems

    Hey man just wanted to say nice job with the mod and hope that it gets updated to the next update I personally like this idea and wanted to request it but you beat me to it
  9. I think 4-6 meat is good but buff the damn trunk seriously the trunk goes bad faster then the meat it was attached to. I suggest the trunk (cooked?) lasts about 10 days (keep in mind after about 5-6 it goes stale then 8 it goes rotten.
  10. Jeez dude you really need to calm down each character now has their own perks and negative things you take the ones that give the things that matter to you with regards to perks and take the ones that dont matter to you in regards to nerfs.However I do agree that wilson need some sort of special thing like maybe his Meat effigys can be used for a lower health rate then all the others.
  11. BTW just so you know WX does start with LOWER stats then all other characters *he starts with a flat rate of 100 in all stats.
  12. I is confused (but actually sounds good thought it was just going to be a another whole YOU NEED TO EAT HEALTHY thread)
  13. Vinny's Crappy Gallery!

    Sure if its not too much of a hassle
  14. Vinny's Crappy Gallery!

    Hey vingw thanks for the picture