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And they give you very tasty drumsticks when killed, also their gobble is legendary.

The Gobble is not to be meddled with. Everyone shall perish at the sound of the legendary Gobble from the throat of the evil Gobbler. Yeah, drumsticks are cool, too.

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Now that im specifically trying to get 40 drumsticks, i notice how few times they spawn :o Might be a coincidence but they occur far more often when u DONT want them to be there.

I wonder if gobblers spawn more often in replanted berry bushes? The reason im asking this is becoz i replanted my grass tufts, twigs and berry bushes after i started a new playthrough right after the nov27 patch. Then in the nov 30 hotfix, they fixed grass needing manure ONLY when it was replanted. Im wondering if this extends also towards berry bushes. The hotfix also mentioned PREVIOUSLY (pre hotfix) replanted grass did NOT need manure coz the game did not record replanting yet b4 the hotfix. I seem to remember i needed manure after farming a bush 5 times. Currently i have farmed them 7 times and they never needed manure yet.

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