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  1. I'm pretty sure the dot above the "i" doesn't say anything.Smart-ass me
  2. Ah... Maxwell. It is obvious that Maxwell is a devious and malicious gentleman that sends adventurers to that hellish island. OBVIOUSLY, it doesn't take a genius to notice that all characters start with a "W." (Even before they released a character list it was pretty obvious that all characters were going to start with a "W"). BUT Here's something probably very few people have realized Obviously, M upside down is W... Umm... Have you noticed this? MAXWELL WILSON He kidnaps people that start with a W and he starts with an M... Now, to be quite honest... I don't know why he kidnaps people that start with a W... Anyone wanna post there guesses about the W targets below? But... I DO (personally) think that the M and W are related...
  3. Well, a Krampus is this Goose, satyr, demon thing that was a folk legend in the Alpine mountain regions. He would eat kids that misbehaved or lacked holiday spirit. Krampus would accompany Saint Nicholas on his Christmas runs and stuffed kids into his sack to devour for a Christmas dinner. Here's some artwork of him.,r:2,s:0,i:97&biw=2144&bih=1088 But yeah, most people refer to him as Krampus, but it is a krampus. Just thought I'd share this since it's a bit interesting.
  4. Take it if you think you're good enough. Rules: No berry farming No meat effigies No bee boxes No farms No amulets No moving supplies with a shovel No football helmets No logsuits If you upload a series of the Iron Man Challenge, awesome!
  5. No breeding. NO BREEDING. Until a nerf on Beefalo comes along, Beefalo should NOT be breedable. Waaaay too dependable of a food source.
  6. When you first catch sight of where the beefalo are on your map... and the dreams that follow I know I'm too lazy to add detail The moment where your Football Helmet breaks and you don't have a spare... Yes I know the second picture is GOD AWFUL! but, eh! W/e, I got really bored and wanted to finish it fast...
  7. I hate Wolfgang. I'd rather play Willow over him.
  8. Well, strangely... Abigail appeared at sunset, then the second one appeared at night. They never stacked, they disappeared about 10 seconds after I took that screenshot (They're afraid of being discovered. Sucks for them >) They never stacked on each other. They were both objects, not a visual glitch, I could examine them. They don't hurt each other. They both did follow me. I dug no graves, I ate no mandrakes or peculiar recipes, I burned no forests down recently, I did not kill Abigail causing her ghost to become another ghost. I did not assault the pig king, I didn't hatch any eggs, I didn't eat any eggs... Nothing out of the ordinary. Just spawned randomly. It was a full moon however...
  9. Wilson > Wendy > Everyone else besides Wilson Wilson is ftw Wendy is also ftw... but to a slightly lesser extent.
  10. What just happened Poke, was we found out that Wendy has a triplet. We should probably get Wilson to investigate that.
  11. I mentioned that it "Has 5 charges." Hence it's 20% durability damage each use.
  12. I had a feeling somebody would ask for pictures of somebody's drawings. I'm just too lazy to scan it on to the computer or take a picture ._.