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Two questions: What fuel do you use more often and how do you deal with pengulls?

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I usually use manure, I just pick 3 manure when it is almost night and it manages to keep my fire pit lit for all the night, and half the day.


About pengulls: I am oldschool. I started playing again recently and those annoying creatures just keep popping from nowhere. They aer apparently creating nests and I have counted 3 so far, and they are all very close to my base. ARGH.


I refuse to look at the wiki, it always ruins the experience.

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I burn logs except when I burn extra pine-cones, if I have at least a stack of them stored I burn any extra on my hot-bar..


In a chest by the fire a do keep some grass tufts and turfs, just in case of an emergency.


Why deal with Penguins at all? If they set up right in the middle of my bass I kill them. Not with anything crazy just a tentacle spike and a log suit. Otherwise they are ignored.


If they are not in your base and you really want them gone you can plant pine cones around them and then torch em.

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logs if i have too many otherwise i do controlled burns during winter for charcoal and to pass the days (especially when i play wickerbottom and am forced to experience every endless waking moment). I use piggies to deal with penguills (I usually live in a pig village), or if i have gunpowder available i kill them all in one blast :)

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most of the time i use log & charcoal, but if i'm low on those resources then i burn grass/twigs/rot.

and why the hate on pengulls? if you're lucky you can steal their eggs or just use them to deal with hounds.

in my willow world i had 2 pengull nests around my base, 1 under my drying racks & the other near my rabbit farm.

they did't show up again the next winter thou'.

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Wood and charcoal to start, then wool/manure once Beefalo are found. With manure drop rates returning to normal after the latest testing, this works again much more easily, but was doable even when the Beefalo were in "constipated" mode. 



And Penguls are a natural defense against hounds if I didn't get any teeth from hounds for tooth traps yet. If I truly need to kill them, then what was said before like Beefalo:


The trick to dealing with pengulls safely, is to force one of the pengulls off from the other flock by running at him, take him somewhere secluded, and butcher his a**. Rinse and repeat. Should be no problem.


or simply plant trees in their rookery and burn them when asleep. 


But really (WHAAA noise aside,) they are more beneficial unless I need a couple of eggs on occasion. Morsels and Jet feathers have easier ways to get instead of killing them anyway. 

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