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  1. "hey, why is my screen shaking? whoa.. what in the world? ... no! no! NO! not my lovely crockpots!" - my friend while he's watching his base got trashed by deerclops on his 1st winter.
  2. i want abigail one to scare off the rats in my room
  3. you call that lucky? pfft.. this is my new wendy world 12, i havent fully explored the whole map but it doesnt matter. minimap : area 1 is going to be my main base. if you see the mini map, you'll notice there are about 8 traps near area 1 so yeah there are about that number rabbit holes over there. that worm hole near my fire connects to another worm hole near area 3. area 2 will laugh at your discovery because on one screen alone you can see there are 10 rabbit holes and i dont even want to count another holes one screen away from there. this place is going to be my winter mini base -just so those dem deerclops can't destroy stuff at my main base. area 3 is even more ridiculous, there are 8 frog ponds so close to a naturally generated pig village, and the fact that one of those two worm hole in the middle of the map is connected to my main base means i can travel back and forth between area 1 and 3 in almost no time whether to collect loots from pigs-frogs or to deal with hounds waves.