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Gobble gobble!

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One of the funniest, most likable things about this game is the turkey. I can tell somebody had a good time in the soundbooth making the sound effect. whenever I hear it I can't help but start laughing. I can't kill that turkey.... It has become my comic relief lol

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Yeah, the Gobbler noises always remind of the cows in Diablo II's Cow Level, where you can just envision the Blizzard guys yelling across the office, "Hey Bob! Ever done any voice work? No? Great! Get in here and say "moo!" for us!"

I imagine that's how the "voice over" for the Gobbler went down, too. ;)

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My god, DRUMSTICKS. Not only do i want these irl now to eat, but i just realized i thought i nearly had a full stack of very foodsort, still working on getting butter. Got 3 so far, dont even know if it stacks to 20 or 40. But drumsticks arent in there! What am i gonna do now when new recipies come out and i dun have drumsticks? Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Btw they only drop from gobblers right? darn gonna take a while then.

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yo i cant wait for fences to come out. If u harvest a berry bush and then stand in front of it for a few secs, u can usually 1 hit the gobbler when he pops out, but i dislike waiting those few seconds to make sure he doesnt spawn. ANd when im too lazy to wait, suddenly 4 gobblers that i have to chase to every corner of my huge-ish island. Fences would make the walk shorter and my hunt for drumsticks more efficient. It would also do a ton of other stuff, but that would be offtopic ;) and since Toaster Fu is scaring me today im not gonna risk anything.

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