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  1. yea the only time i've spawned them is when cutting trees down in my own tree farm, where i've planted way more than i've chopped so i think it's just a random roll of the dice whenever you chop a tree? i've also only had them spawn from the largest size trees.
  2. sometimes if i'm low on food i'll set 4 or 5 normal traps around my camp with no bait in them, and crows constantly land in them. it's nearly a full time job emptying and re setting them until the traps wear out.
  3. haha i also crack up every time i flush one, and then often laugh at myself for yelling at it to get away from my berrie bushes. the humor in general is one of my fav parts of the game so far.
  4. cool i appreciate all the help folks! this game is fantastic
  5. i've been killed by tall birds, spiders (in a group) optimus pine. i've made the log suit but hate that i have to give up my backpack to equip it. still havn't managed to find the pigs on my 5 island map, guess i just need to spot them and lure one away. so pigs will attack beefalo on sight?
  6. so i kinda suck at this game...think 11 days is the most i've survived cause every fight i get into i get completely destroyed. i think hounds are the only thing i've killed. so obviously i want meat effigys...lots of can you only use beefalo meat to build them? if so how are you guys killing beefalos? i just tried and about 5 aggro'd me (which i added to the wiki page about them haha) can i trap spiders and then place nests close to the herd? will they fight amongst themselves so i can swoop in afterwards and collect the drops? i'm getting frustrated losing all my work and progress over and over again without really getting anywhere.
  7. just had my 2nd encounter with one and i can't kill em to save my life, tried kiting, still got wacked. planted pine cones to calm him, then set him on fire, not phased, lit a campfire and lead him over it repeatedly, again just kept chasing me while on fire. think i'm sticking to grass and twigs for now haha, chopping a dead tree that just drops 1 pine cone doesn't have a chance to spawn an optimus pine does it?
  8. my steam names ernisill as well if anyone wants to add me/chat while playing. sounds fun indeed to share tips and discoveries
  9. hmmmm must build miners hat immediately haha thanks a lot both of you, appreciate the help!
  10. just bought the game a few days ago and i'm pretty much completely addicted didn't realize till reading another post just now that wasd moves, spacebar attacks, and holding cntrl makes ya drop 1 item at a time, either i'm an idiot for not trying them...or completely overlooked the controls menu? wondering if there's any other little short cuts i'm unaware of? im under the impression by other threads every map/world has a pig town/pig king on it somewhere? do hats and helmets actually do anything? or are they just for style? is experience based strictly on how many days you survive? or does it factor in how many research points you earn/spend or how much you build? any help/info much appreciated! thanks in advance
  11. yea basic controls and info would be great, i just played for 3 days witout realizing wasd moved and spacebar attacked....haha thought mouse clicking was the only input ya had