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What's the best character to use to win adventure mode?

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I beat it as Wilson. Let's just say that I could have settled in "King of Winter" permanently.

Even with that absolutely wonderful insulation getting the hell out of King of Winter was a bigger weight off my shoulders than any of the other levels I had to go through (yes, even Darkness). Not being able to make out the land beneath your feet is just wrong; being unable to grow anything and trudging through the same snow covered terrain for long enough to get Tam + Cane bummed me out.

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I beat Adventure Mode with Wolfgang first to test the waters, so to speak. Then, I went back with Wes and beat it again. It is a lot easier thanks to the ability to store already built but not yet placed structures in your crafting tabs. You can pretty much turtle on the safer worlds (Archipelago, Two Worlds, A Cold Reception, The Game is Afoot) and then use your already built structures to help you in the upcoming worlds.

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