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My guess? They helped the hounds chew meat and generally bite things.

The real question, what can they do for us...? Who here wants it to be for a spiked club?

No wait... they're for the dapper vest.

i'm with you on the spiked club idea I hope they add it in the next update

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day 16, i spent almost the whole day running from 3 red hound 6 normal hounds 2 optimus pine.....it was friggin fantastic, busy day indeed!

Whoa! That's a darn big day indeed... Hopefully you will survive longer and that there are less Fire hounds chasing you, because if you kill one it will explode with fire!

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I want some throwing darts :D

Most annoying part about this is the fact that you require a crow feather. I've used 9 traps and got 19 redbird feathers and 2, yes JUST 2 crow feathers. Gave up on bird hunting cause of the dart is a once use item.

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yeah if it was 5 uses+ it would be worth it to make it but 1 use is just wasting ur time and inventory making it.....it's still a cool concept putting stuff to sleep lol....easier to steal egg?.......talk about egg, i have yet to come across tallbird nest yet....not worries though, what can u do with egg? does it give u lots of hunger or health point? or better for reserch point?

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