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  1. This could very much change the entire way the game is played. And eve "Gamemodes" could be made. ^w^ Very keen, good on ya guy's. You do us proud.
  2. Would be nice a nice change, but it would bring the game down. I'm agreeing with Mobious187 & Orayes! "I say yes! To SOS.... sometimes and hey, it rhymes! :/
  3. All these new ideas and code cracker is awesome I love these developers, makes it fun. Good job everyone at trying to solve the code. I don't think I will like this Spider Queen.... a new fire-based weapon sounds awesome! A flaming spear? No? Some type of weird fiery ball you chuck at someone you don't like? The abominable Snow Man would be a great boss for this coming Christmas update! Don't think Santa and the Krampus like me...
  4. Wow! Great job everyone on surviving, I know it's hard to and even if you aren't new to the game, it can still be a challenge. I've stopped playing just before the Naughty and Nice update, so all the new things are kind of a huge amazement to me. I'm on day 122, 10 Meat Effigy's and 4 Amulets... just to be safe.
  5. I like the Krampus, he seems friendly enough... although he does try to steal my items! "NO! NOT GNOME CHOMPSKIEEEE!!
  6. Good idea Catmario, I like that thought on experimentation to figure it out. I'm also terrible at handa and feet.
  7. Good man Whismy, too bad I can't add reputation to you yet.

  8. After this poll, I'll create one more for MilleniumCount's vote. Also if the Devs are actually willing to think about new characters made by fans.
  9. Hah! Love it MilleniumCount. Good choice of the way you presented it and staying true to the original, while also having Schatzy's style. Good job.
  10. Sorry if image is really creepy, it's how I draw sometimes, and it's meant to properly show Watende, also a bit of Wayland in a bigger style with the detail that was blurry larger to see. :/
  11. No need to apologize, good idea and statements. I like the dialog option you've added. Yes I still agree we need to narrow down much as possible with his perks/powers. The "random transformation" I think would do the trick. Insanity immune should stay, and the moon phases gone. Still I need to solve this Watende power/perk issue. While I agree it should be about having to kill something to change, I cannot express what exactly and the look of Watende is under way. Well my version. Glad that three voters have had their choice, as I cannot vote because I'm the creator.
  12. Hahaha, well it seems that all of you at least had some fun. So that's good. ^.^ I like the new update it felt... needed, but the new spider problem frustrates me a bit.
  13. Nice character, like the idea of that thief and the looks good. Good job. ^.^