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  1. to a lot of people piracy is just a buyers remorse safety net, if devs make good games with real effort into them they get bought because people will want to support them so they can get more quality games in the future, and that includes a lot of the people who pirate them first.
  2. its good that you decided to honor the creators of the game by purchasing Dont Starve, however whether people here do or not condone piracy wont change the fact that no one will be able to give you a definitive answer on transferring your save...why? Well this will depend heavily on where this pirated version of the game stores its saves files, could be anywhere could be in the pirated copy's folder within program files or as a more lucrative suggestion, appdata/local as that's a common place for things and will require you to set invisible files and folder to show hidden.
  3. can we get a screenshot of this issue?
  4. why you cant wear the dapper vest and equip a backpack defies logic, would be nice for the backpack to have its own unique back slot, then give us capes lol.
  5. Ive yet to see a fire hound... I wonder if i light a normal hound on fire he'll become one lol
  6. I've seen this implemented in other games effectively but I found it as an annoyance to have to keep switching, Perhaps as an optional feature in the options couldn't hurt.
  7. I agree this only makes inventory management pointlessly more tedious, I assumed it was an oversight.
  8. Besides making a dapper vest, nothing yet, id like to refine it into some nice bone meal to speed up tree tree growth or something.
  9. Pig skins are now needed for pig houses, presumably to stop people who haven't even encountered pigs yet from making their own village and hound teeth are required for the dapper vest~ P.S those egg hoarders are deadly!
  10. I use my bags purely for food storage, room for an interesting addition perhaps~
  11. I see the pig skins added to the game, wishful thinking for a pig skin bag with a nice tail for fashion?
  12. I'm still unsure as to if flint randomly spawns in places on the ground like how we first find it in the game, assuming it doesn't then yes. as far as tools go, giving meat to the pig king is an infinite way to attain gold tools if I'm not mistaken.