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time zone question


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Every time i look at my clock it says "Next build imminent". Even today going through a drive through i could of sworn she said "do you want next build imminent with that order?"

Perhaps i'm just anxious for new things.

LOL same here! I'm dying for the new build!

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It says now FIFTEEN days since last update, I thought updates were every fourteen days?

It has now said "imminent" for almost two days now.

When is it coming?

It's 6:30pm UK time, Nov 27th. What date/time can we expect the update?

I have steam version, can I expect auto-update as usual? I would normally just expect it, but since there is nothing steamworks related for this game other than the store and in-game UI, I thought I would ask. Will this update fix some of those steam issues? So that friends can at least see which game I am playing, rather than it just say I am in-game, but not say which game? And how about a community hub on steam? Would be nice

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