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  1. Actually, you don't need to die for this science and researched items to reset. I had them yesterday then logged on today and they reset. However, if you had a game running prior to this update and have any of the items built that aren't researched they'll still be there. A crockpot has 4 slots, each slot needs to be filled in order to use it. I have no clue why you'd think it has 5 slots as opposed to 4. And yes Crock pots are amazing. Well worth the materials it takes to create one. Best recipes: Stuffed Eggplants (Eggplant 1st slot, then 3 vegetables), Honeyed Ham (Honey 1st slot, then 3 meat) and Dragon Pie (Dragon Fruit 1st slot, then 3 berries or 3 berries and a pumpkin though I'm unsure on that). Once you Crock, you know how to rock.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 69828 Issue title Backpack Erases Log Suit Steps to reproduce Right clicking on a logsuit with a backpack erases the logsuit out of the chest piece box. Describe your issue Well basically the steps to reproduce is exactly what I did and is exactly what happened after that. If you are holding a back pack and then right clicking your logsuit off erases the log suit and puts the back pack in it's place. Probably the second time it's happened and I've had to quit and reload from my last save.
  3. First thing I did in all honesty. Desperately planted like 5 trees and he still was after me.
  4. Kay so...I was just killed by Optimus Pine...I was kting him nicely but damn I fucked up and got killed. However, I tried the torch thing and it wouldn't work...I even tried taking it out my Inventory and clicking him with it but it didn't set him up. What did I do wrong?
  5. Awwh dammit. Well best not buy into the habit right now then. Otherwise I'll get too used to it. Thanks for the heads up Excess!
  6. I am using them at the moment as static chests at my base for de-clutterification of my inventory. But I find it kind of annoying you can put your log suit in your inventory but not the back pack...I mean you wear both of them yet you can't store one in your inventory like the other. But yeah they're cheap, store things and don't despawn winning cheap chest solution imo.
  7. So I'm loving the new update. No question it's great, only the log suit nerfing bothers me really thus far and maybe the over aggressiveness of Tall Birds and how they endlessly chase you for mining stone. I digress. Prone to it. But I realised something that is going to change how I play. The backpack. Not only is it a portable chest but a STATIC one also. I noticed you can't store it in your inventory so switching a log suit on with it on you means either dropping it until whatever threat is vanquished or leaving it at home. And that is what I'm going to start doing. Crazy? Nope. The Backpack takes 4/4 (grass/sticks) which makes it cheaper than a chest to make and I know chests are resource renewable and now hold NINE items instead yeah worth having a few about your camp sure. But the back pack man, is just too cheap to pass up as a storage container that you can craft quickly and in the earlier stages of your game to just leave behind so de-clutter your inventory for sojourns to other biomes for resourcing and what not. Just thought I'd share my slight, if late-ish, brain-fart on this matter. Am I on to a winning strategy here with this?
  8. I found an amulet in my first grave loot and it can be equipped as a chest piece. Whether it actually works or not I am not sure as I didn't have it on when I died only my log armour. I'm sure I saw it in the update post that was posted yesterday about it being implemented though.
  9. So erm...one thing I noticed...log suits have been nerfed. Now instead of taking the damage for you before taking health it merely reduces the amount of health taken from every hit. ******* spiders got me while gathering silk for a tent on day 7. Son of a...
  10. Funny cus I actually clicked thinking it was DS related. But I agree.
  11. Haha this is awesome man. Nice find.
  12. I too will now be keeping a keen eye on the moon cycles from now on after having my, in my eyes, amazing game from being cut short on Day 41 by them. You just can't out run them! Lessons needed to be learnt from that.
  13. So far my best game has been with Willow. Idk, I couldn't click with Wilson but Willow I just got a really good game out of that character. Besides her powers are amazing. She starts fires in the dark and is immune to fire damage. Fire in my eyes is a key and vital concept in this game, aside from obviously food. But I want to explore all that each character has to offer though and see how each one affects my game.
  14. When I played the demo, one of the first things I found was a Gobbler. Literally 2 minutes in. He spawns in the same Berry Bush every time too. And it's literally on the coast so killing him was simple enough. In fact now I think about it when I was exploring the coast line of my island, I was looting Berry Bushes for readily available food for my travels and guess who popped out...right on the coastline. Oh yeah. Keep looking buddy, you'll find him. Or he'll find you, either way somebodies gon' be eating something.
  15. The crock pot also has similar lighting effect at night if it's cooking then and away from your camp fire. A very cool detail for sure.