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  1. I think the easiest way to do it would be to have the game tell everyone on the server that someone wants to enter a cave. Then it will take a vote on whether people want to enter the cave. Majority rules or something like that would then dictate whether everyone enters or no-one enters. It's not perfect, but I guess it's one way around it. And yes, using this system the other players would teleport. And same when leaving the cave. I haven't played the caves much myself. I haven't played the game much actually since it was in early access. I have recently just been waiting for co-op mode to come out. Maybe it would be an idea to have people choose whether they are in a cave server, or a "regular" server, and have it stay that way forever? But really, it's not like there is a shortage of things to do on the surface anyway, so I don't see it being a huge problem. Reign of giants I can see people being more interested in having. Which I understand would be much easier to implement into DST
  2. How about some way to make it so friendly fire is on, but friends can get through tooth traps and bee traps and stuff like that without being hurt/killed? I like games where I can have friendly fire in co-op, so we have to be careful of hurting each other when fighting mobs or whatever, but I don't want to kill my friends just because I put down some traps to defend our base camp. Some way of joining a group would do that I guess. Maybe have it so you can create like a "tribe" or something. You name it, and have a flag or logo (chosen from a few different in-game designs, maybe even have them craftable?), plant the flag near your base. To join your tribe, someone has to be allowed to touch the flag or whatever, and then you allow them to join? Probably not feasible, but just something that will allow traps to be set when friendly fire is on, but not have traps deadly to friend living in the same camp as you. I love co-op, love friendly fire, but something would need to be done about traps to make it work properly, I am sure.
  3. Oh come on, I still haven't even raised a single TEENBIRD yet.I haven't got a clue about insanity yet, or rain, or winter, I have only tried ONE of the new weapons, and that was a boomerang just ONCE.I fell behind a couple of months ago and the content is these updates is so immense I just can't catch up. I am playing sandbox custom, with only summer and no rain, and I am still completely lost, yet I was living way past 100 days before.I love how much stuff you have put in, and this looks fantastic, but please add an option to be able to disable content in the custom sandbox by UPDATE. So maybe disable everything from the spider queen update, or the turf update. And then everything since that update will be disabled. Only the new combat and HP for enemies and such would be in.I want to catch up but have limited time, and I fell the game is pushing me away now, it's just not fun to be playing this way.I feel I am trying to learn too much too fast, and I still can't learn enough by the next update and then I just get pissed because I know I have even more to learn then, and feel less like playing.PLEASE. I have been a loyal fan of Klei since shank and shank 2 (although I wasn't too much of a fan of the first shank I could see how some people could like it), and really fell in love with Klei with mark of the ninja and then don't starve.Don't desert me, I know other people feel the same, just help us out a bit. Having the custom options in sandbox helps, but it's not quite enough, especially with so much more content coming every 12-14 days.Help guys, don't leave us behind, I beg you
  4. Still not loving how underpowered the spear is since the winter update.However, I am here to shower Klei with praise for one of the best experiences I have had with games and the online community of that game in... well, ever.This site and the game have gone hand in hand throughout development of the game, and allowing us, the customer, to be pretty much the engineers of where the game went, what was kept, what was discarded and what new things we wanted to see, was more than any other developer has done in any other game I own.Klei, you should be held up in front of every AAA developer and publisher in the business as a way to keep customers happy AND release a solid product.The game is fun, large, cheap, intelligent and hilarious, and I have experienced less bugs with 150 hours of this in beta than I have in 1 hour of ANY modern AAA title. That is how good you guys are, and you should be proud of that as well as how friendly and close you have been with this community.I don't want this message to sound like a goodbye, but maybe as the end of one chapter and start of another for this game.Can't wait to see what comes post-release, and thanks again for all the amazing work so far, you guys RULE!!!Oh, and remember... just DON'T STARVE, ok
  5. You misunderstand. I LOVE the updates, but people are happy with things how they are, so why change them and add new things? That just means they have to relearn everything.Not many people consider this a beta as such. I certainly don't. Beta's are usually buggy and have problems, and people playing them helps the devs iron out those problems. This game has less problems than your average AAA full release. It is one of the most stable games I have ever played.Also, it has been stated the game will continue to receive these updates for at least 6 months after release, so this isn't a beta thing, is it?But please do keep up the updates, all I am suggesting is perhaps think about what you change when you are also adding a ton of new stuff to learn.From what I can see there are quite a few people saying very similar things after this update. I really would like to see some of the combat mechanics change back, that's for sure. But I would never suggest no tuning or changes, that's not what I meant to say at all. Just that relearning everything every two weeks is a chore rather than fun, and it can be very very hard work when you are trying to learn new things as well.Maybe try not adding so much every update? I know, that's a rare request. People are usually clamoring for more content, right? I am just saying I like being able to survive past day 50, then start doing some of the stuff that isn't essential for my survival so much, but is nice, like building some of the things that are more cosmetic than necessary. As it is, I haven't built a bird cage for around 2 months now, because I either haven't lived long enough, or I am just too busy trying to survive even when I have my base up and running to think about making my base look nice.But regardless of anything else, DO keep up the great work, you are just about the best developer in the business at the minute (except MAYBE cdprojektred, who are pretty damn awesome), and I truly appreciate all the work you do, especially considering the price the game is sold for. Getting well over 100 hours out of a game I paid just £10 for (and got two copies at that) is the best value for money I have ever had in gaming that I remember.
  6. Thanks. This is one of the main reasons I love you guys so much. This is fantastic how you respect and listen to your community, both the praise and the criticism.However, when I say the things in my previous post, I don't want you to think I am tired of you adding new content and fixing things up. I am just saying that changing the old things is a bit much, meaning that all the game is new after every 2 weeks.Trying to learn the new stuff in 2 weeks is ok, but trying to learn the new stuff AND relearn the older stuff is not fun, it's like cramming for an exam or something.I don't like the combat as it is, that's for sure. Making the game harder in every other way, and then making the combat this hard, is stopping people from enjoying the end game.I used to love getting past day 50, and just nicely plodding along surviving and then trying some new things. But now I can't ever get that far, because I am constantly having trouble getting past day 10, because I have to risk dying to get loot to make things so I can just get past the first 15 days or so when winter is coming.I know you can change how long the seasons last in the options, but I like to play a game how it is designed to be played, and this game is just changing too many old things to hold my attention anymore.Keep adding new stuff though, the new content IS amazing, no doubt at all. Just have a thought when you come to change older things, like fighting pigs or spiders, when people are already perfectly happy with it.I had a hard time getting used to the spiders after the queen update, I tried and tried and tried. I got used to it though, and while I still prefer the spiders before, I do enjoy the spiders now. I just get rid of the nests at tier 1 as soon as I can, because the higher tier nests aren't fun to fight. This update has changed all that again though, AND added so much new stuff to learn that it's like a different game. And I have to learn it all in 2 weeks, and then I will have to relearn it all again in 2 weeks when the next update comes.It should work that I have to weeks to implement what I have already learned and am getting better at, while learning to deal with the new content. That way you are adding to your knowledge of the game world, rather than having to relearn the whole thing because it keeps changing.I really appreciate your reply though, and I TRULY appreciate your company on the whole, you have been amazing with your customers, better than any other company in recent years that I have dealt with.I will keep giving the game a try after every update, but I can't see myself getting into it how I have in the past now because I just don't want to have to relearn everything I should already know, AND learn lot's of new things as well
  7. Don't like the new update. Spiders take 4 hits? Can't even kill a pig now?I don't mind learning the new things, like with winter and stuff, but having to relearn all the old stuff as well? This game is getting old now, sick of learning everything from scratch after every update, AND having to learn new stuff.I thought they were supposed to adding to the mid-end game content? No, they aren't doing that, they are just making it so you can't GET TO mid game content, so they don't have to show how shallow the game is after 30 days or so.I loved this game, but the last few updates, while adding some excellent new things, have just changed all the old things so much that it's now a different game, and not the game I enjoyed a few months ago.It's a chore just to take down a tier 1 spider nest now... WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK, just to kill ONE spider, then again... then back to the nest, once or twice more. And pigs... Well, they are supposed to be stupid and easy to kill, but now it's ridiculous. You can't kill them with just a spear, especially if other pigs are around because when you hit them once they ignore every hit after that while beating the **** out of you.I love klei, and they have sold me a game I have enjoyed for well over 100 hours. But I think I am done now, it's just hard work now instead of fun
  8. I kind of agree. It's not a game about not starving anymore.I do like the insanity aspect, but it is the whole game now, while it should be just a part of the game.I played without doing too much and was insane and killed after 1 night. What is the point in wormholes if you can't use them? More focus should be put on the FEAR of the insanity, rather than the getting killed by shadows part of insanity. And as someone else stated, have it change the world around. Trees aren't trees, they could be rocks, or berry bushes, or spider nests even.I just feel that the whole vibe of the game, the whole mechanic of what the game was meant to be, is gone, and it's now just an action adventure game to fight insanity monsters and nothing else.Just tone it down some please, or at least give us the option to play without insanity present
  9. I have found only a couple of small areas of savannah on the worlds I have tried so far. I create a new world every time to try and get a better mix, but it has always been mostly forest with spiders. Plus, I have to spin the camera, while running from spiders and trying to hit them because the nests are in the midst of thick forests and the trees are in the way so I can't target things properly.I have been killed a few times now because instead of running away or attacking, Wilson says "it's so piney" or whatever he says at trees, and then dies before he finishes uttering the sentence because half a dozen spiders hit him at once.Just about half as many spider dens please, or maybe half as many large areas full of spider dens at least, that would be better.I don't like spending all my time dealing with spiders.I haven't even had a chance to take on beefalo since the update added the babies, or even build a proper base with walls and floors, because I am too busy trying to clear out all the spider nests.Just boring is all I can say, very very boring.
  10. Food spoiling is ok, but it depends how long it takes to spoil I see a lot of people saying it's a great idea and a lot saying it could ruin the game. I see both points. We don't want food to spoil in a day so that all our time is spent getting food and we don't have time for anything else, but we DO want more challenges to be added, so you can't spend a few days gathering a shitton of food and then never have to worry about it for another 30 days. Food should take around 1-2 weeks to spoil, depending on the food typeand whether it is cooked, or kept near a fire or in the sun or kept in a chest. This is a tough thing to balance I know, but if food spoiling is going to be a part of the game it has to be just right. Food in real life doesn't go off in a few hours, even sell by/use by dates err on the side of caution, and I know plenty of people (me included) who will just use their judgement even if the use by date is long passed. If the food SEEMS ok, it should be ok, and this can take anywhere from days to weeks, depending on the food type. The same amount of time should pass for the food in-game to go off. Perhaps raw meat will go off quicker than veggies, as it does in real life, seeds will last for weeks as long as they are kept dry and aren't in a condition they can germinate. These things, if done right, can add lots of enjoyment and challenge to the game. If done wrong they can turn the game into one long drudge to keep getting food, all day, every day. More time spent getting food than anything else will ruin the game, people like to explore, go monster hunting, expand their camp etc., they don't want to be spending every hour of the day trapping animals, checking traps and picking fruit and veg. This will spoil (pun intended) the game I think. I trust Klei to get the balance right, they have done well so far, I have no reason not to trust them. Even if it is poorly balanced at start, if people say it's not to their liking these devs will respond quickly and correctly, as they have done constantly so far. This is the reason Klei are now one of the my favourite devs of modern years.
  11. I am on day 40 or so and they have only been 3 times, in packs no bigger than 3 or 4. However, I was exploring an island I had only recently discovered, found a spider queen, killed her, went past where I found her and there were hounds teeth and monster meat around. So it looks like they ran into some spiders and the queen before they got to me. If I had known she was being an ugly, monstrous guardian angel I would have left the queen alive.
  12. Oh man oh man oh man, I seriously can't wait for this, it looks amazing. What a start to 2013, I will not be finishing any of the games I bought in the steam xmas sale any time Soon then. Thanks for that Klei, you genius bastards
  13. Steam says that don't starve has updated but it still says next build imminent? Desperate to see what this first proper update of 2013 will bring...
  14. You can hardly base this game on anything like reality, can you? What animals REALLY do, and what they do in don't starve, are two completely different things. They could give birth to mutants that run amok and try to slaughter everything around them. This game is just that crazy. But it could of course turn out to be a balance issue very easily if it isn't done in a very specific way. I just hope they find some way around it. I also really want to be able to make fences or enclosures. Perhaps fences that certain animals will be able to attack and destroy. Like placing your chests into an enclosure to protect from Krampus, but he will smash the fence down. All the fences will do is slow him down for a little while, perhaps giving you chance to ready yourself for him. Of course he would still run away if you tried to attack him, but when he came back he could always try to hit the same weakened area of the fence if possible. Perhaps having things like tallbirds in fences would be the same; perhaps they would try to get out, weakening and eventually breaking holes in the fence. Maybe it would lead to you having to do a quick check once every day or 2 days, make sure the fence is still in good condition before you set off anywhere exploring/looting. Just an idea, but I love the sound of that
  15. If they are going to let them grow into tallbirds, surely that means they will lay eggs ever few days? So could we perhaps have fences? So we could make an enclosure for our tallbirds, and use them for eggs for food? That would be a nice idea. Most of the eggs you could use for food, and every now and then take a few and hatch them out to add more tallbirds. This way you could have like a proper farm, with animals in their areas for certain things. Beefalo for meat and manure, birds for seeds, tallbirds for eggs and meat, then you have your bee boxes for honey of course, farm plots for veggies. With the new turf update this would be great, as you could set aside a rocky area for the tallbirds (this seems to be where they like to live), savannah for beefalo, grassy areas for rabbits (catching rabbits and placing them in an enclosure of some kind, then have them able to dig new rabbit holes) with flowers for the bees. So many possibilities for this game, I just love that about it. Not many games around that have such a vast amount of different things the devs could do, and keep it fresh and fun as you play for longer and longer. Well back on topic, I lost my last 2 smallbirds to tallbird attack, they just didn't get out of the way quick enough. A tallbird went to hit me, hit a smallbird instead, the other attacked and they were both dead in a second. At least I got a couple of morsels from them. But now, until they make the smallbirds last a bit longer without food, or put in the full life cycle, I won't be trying to raise anymore. Which is a shame since there are 5 tallbird nests not far from my camp that I can raid regularly. Now I guess I will be raiding them for food rather than pets.