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  1. I've been totally asleep! I didn't realise the Alpha was releasing so soon. Just bought it today and I'm thoroughly impressed. I adore Slay the Spire and to me this is that game + a whole bunch of other stuff going on. Keep up the amazing work as always! <3
  2. How anyone can complain about this is beyond me. Maybe they don't have friends to play with?? Who knows. This is bloody great news. Can't wait to dive in with a friend.
  3. Aww, I never knew Sorry guys. I'll just slowly back out of the room and hang my head in shame. Nothing to see here.
  4. Go to 15:56 and watch the bee up top... What the fudge!?
  5. (Im)patiently waiting for the patch to start my livestream. I love the excitement of a new patch coming out. I wonder how different the game would be if it never entered open beta and just came out. Hmm.
  6. The game isn't even difficult right now. Keep in mind that you are supposed to die so that you learn next time to play it a bit differently. It's all about learning and gradually getting better. Spoilage only exists to stop people from food hoarding.
  7. My god! This thread has got me all excited It's crazy how giddy I get when a new update comes out. Everyone keep talking about mini beefalo so that we get them at some point! <3
  8. I lost everything that I had researched (which was almost everything in the game) Kinda feel like crying :'( Will I have lost my XP too?
  9. Oh crap... If Krampus thinks that killing bunnies is naughty; I doubt he's going to like my slaughtering of Beefalo/Pig-men/TallBirds. P.S. I would love mini versions of all the creatures that you could take as pets but also little families so that when you killed a Beefalo for example you felt even more guilty because you were destroying a family . (Also a mini beefalo would be the cutest thing in the world)
  10. Phaha, I just went and counted. I've made 93 Don't Starve videos so far.
  11. Yeah, that is bad ass. That would look pretty damn perfect, but isn't quite timeless like a general Don't Starve one would be