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  1. Anyone have a full changelog? Would wanna know everything added.
  2. I was here before Yogscast. I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE.
  3. Is it just to kill and eat them? Or is it cause they dance?
  4. Would really like a snowy area added, with maybe a yeti? Or at least different weather!
  5. Yeah, you need to have it where the log suit goes. If you know you're gonna die, wouldn't hurt equipping it real quick.
  6. The one you get from graves resurrects you if you die (if you have it equipped)! You're right, Palpe!
  7. I just got one, and I remember seeing something about a strong amulet.
  8. FPS issue is gone Can't wait for the other stuff now. Goodjob, dudes.
  9. Don't do it! *pulls back with rope*
  10. I'm glad this doesn't have a huge community at the moment though. It's nice currently, but then you'll get people demanding updates. Minecraft's community has the intelligence of a pea.