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What you Think about new Update!?

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I look forward to it. I have my camp prepared for the first encounters, its not 100% impenetrable, but it should be good enough to see what the hounds are able to throw at me, since I am already a good chunk of days into the game.

I did not make any backups, I don't like "cheating", playing a way that this game is actually not ment to be played. If I get killed, fine, I just restart, that's the point of playing a survival game. So let them hounds come at me!

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I won't be playing my main game for the update. I backed it up so i can delete everything and get the full patch experience from scratch :DHYPED

thats actually the only thing that I would indeed say is a reasonable reason to make a backup of a save file! Way to go sir, I press thumbs that you will get through the first days without struggle!

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btw guis where does the game store the files ? i can`t find them ... halp pls

Chrome was a hard one to find. This is the only thing that was really close besides digging through your computer:


If you're on steam. Well there is plenty of information scattered on the forums for that at least :D. Be sure to tell them thanks.

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I am very excited aswell! I am going to kill off my current char and make a new world to play the patch in. I wanna see how the hounds come into play and how fast i can get the new stuff researched! My 140 day char has everything he needs. Fighting hounds seems less frightening (and exciting) with him than with a new char that DOESNT HAVE ANY TECH. Love this part of the update. New world=reset research points. Excellent. Making log armor day 1 is so... meh :p

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