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  1. Very Fishy Pixel Art

    Can u Pixel a Fish??? An Angry Fish?? with red Eyes?
  2. Very Fishy Pixel Art

    Can you do a Piranha or a Fish?? It would be very nice! Your Pixelarts are cool!
  3. Just be careful and prepare if u want to fight Pick up berries and Make a Farm for Food, Twigs and Grass So you can Survive Long
  4. I preparing me for the Winter UpdateDont worry ive Made a backup from My SavesSorry for Bad English Cuz German u know
  5. Character changing.

    Good Idea I think
  6. 11PM In deutscher Zeitzone==`??

    Sorry, war in Eile bin gerade eben erst aus der Schule gekommen ;D
  7. 11PM In deutscher Zeitzone==`??

    Versteh das irgwie nich :(Edit Sorry habs verstanden
  8. Könnt ihr mir es Sagen!?Will nähmlivh wissen wan der Livestream kommt
  9. Here is my Idea:You can craft Bows for: 3 Twigs and 1 Stoneand you can Build Arrows for: 1Twig and 1 Stone With the Bow u can Hunt all the Mobs
  10. Don´t Starve Tutorials [I am a beginner!]

    New One Gigant Fire:
  11. Wirklich gute ideen (Manche auch nur Lustig ) mal sehn ob wir damit erreichen können dass es ins Spiel eingebaut wird!