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  1. Can't wait to see if you find anything! Good luck and well done to everyone on finding this stuff
  2. Hahaha this is really cool thanks for the post
  3. Ahh I see. There's definitely plenty of things to keep stats on. Obviously things like most days survived, monsters killed etc.. but they could even go into like logs collected and all that. I'm sure this has already been discussed many times so I'll stop haha. Thanks for the info
  4. I'd like to try make a chest fort but the wood, oh the wood! D: They brought it down to 3 planks, 18 logs but still... If I needed even just 30 that's 540 logs
  5. I see you guys are using walls to fight the hounds one at a time, but how exactly do you do that? Are you letting them in by breaking something then quickly replacing it?
  6. In the recent update it has been changed. You currently need 2 planks, 1 honeycomb and 4 bees (now collected by using the bug net on a bee).
  7. May seem silly, but what do you mean by asynchronous multiplayer?
  8. Like most I generally look for rabbit holes, although I haven't really been taking into account beefalos. I probably should haha
  9. I think I may have just cooked in on the fire thinking back whoops! Haha my bad
  10. Im in Australia so it'll be like 9-10 am I think when it comes out from what I hear. Luckily we have a half day off school in the morning tomorrow, PERFECT for some Don't Starve
  11. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm starting a new world for it and cannot wait to get in
  12. I'm sitting here checking Don't Starve every half hour or so even though I don't think it's meant to come out for over 12 hours bahaha
  13. Do you mean in addition to the current icon that appears during the night? As in a countdown? EDIT: Didn't even see the second page my bad haha
  14. Don't want to burst anyone's bubble but I think they're more focused on getting the current platforms up to scratch before they add new platforms It would be nice but I'm almost certain it won't be happening Soon, I think there's a quote somewhere.
  15. Ahh bugger that sucks :/ I guess just have some fun with Wendy for a while
  16. If you just use Durian in a crock pot I'm pretty sure it still has -health, although I could definitely be wrong. Maybe if I put it with a bunch other things to make a veggie dish..
  17. I do believe that in the update as the days go by the difficulty, especially in regards to hound attacks will increase making it much more difficult to continually survive. There's a quote somewhere, I'll see if I can find it
  18. If you look at the bottom right circle and where it connects with the one to it's left there is a pig king just slightly into the next island
  19. I get the whole 'stranded alone' experience, I'm definitely all for that and don't want to ruin it at all. I don't think co-op (possibly even just a max of two players) would break this experience too much. The world's would need to be bigger and you'd need to gather more, but you've got double the hands to do so, meaning you'll probably just need to be organised and efficient. The main issue I see is deaths... a respawn system, even on a timer is definitely a no-go so I have no idea how you'd go about that.
  20. Dang there goes my reliable food source guess I'll have to start making traps haha.
  21. I didn't realise world's get so clumped like that... all of mine have been chains of islands, with or without bridges.
  22. Wow this looks really cool. Can't wait to try out the blowgun and fight then hounds
  23. Well this new world is just a whole bunch of islands joined together with absolutely no bridges, pretty cool
  24. I think the raw survival feeling is one of the best parts. I had to draw comparisons but for instance in "survival" Minecraft, after the first few days it's not really survival. Don't get me wrong it's great, but it's not what this is. This to me feels much more like a true survival game. Oh and of course the artwork is amazing!