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Your favorite thing about Don't Starve?


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I am going to be all soppy and sickly for a minute here.

You guys.

The community

The Devs

The upstairs WC

I love being a part of this game growing and changing. Testing new things and playing around. But mostly what keeps me around is the people.

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The artistic style used in Don't Starve is most excellent and is one of the features that first drew me to the game. The dark sense of humor, especially in how the characters react/view the world around them (i.e. dialog) suits the game very well. And well, who doesn't like inventing and building things?

The music is okay... I don't think anything will make me feel nostalgic like hearing the soundtrack for Minecraft, but then again I've played that game for ages so it grew on me. :)

And sure, why not, the forum community is great too. How else would we have so many threads filled with such amazing ideas. And I'm not even going to hazard a guess at what percentage of the amazing suggestions are mine; I'm just that modest. ;)

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I think the raw survival feeling is one of the best parts. I had to draw comparisons but for instance in "survival" Minecraft, after the first few days it's not really survival. Don't get me wrong it's great, but it's not what this is. This to me feels much more like a true survival game.

Oh and of course the artwork is amazing! :)

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The Tim Burton-y artwork

The community

And, most important

The fact that it's a sandbox game:

I love sandbox games, thay give you that feel of liberty that other straightforward games don't.

Most new sandbox games are just copycats of minecraft, but this game differs from the others. I love it.


(Yes, even interdimensional time travelling evil deityes can love)

PS:sorry for the grammar

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