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  1. Bacon-loving bronies shall prevail!

  2. I just started afresh and after 15 days of walking have discovered my new world has no beefalo :/ Kinda grumpy.
  3. It was my understanding that food spoilage is not here to have us scrambling for food every 2 seconds, but to stop us stockpiling HUGE amounts. What with future changes that will make food scarce, a lack of stock piling capability will require quite some management and forethought, else you will never survive the winters.
  4. Deep down, we are all Wilson. Even those of us who only have to shave once every 6 months because they are essentially incapable of growing facial hair. EVEN THEY! Grow a beard on the inside.
  5. To all of you asking questions about food spoilage, I am ashamed! Are we not scientists?! Do we not grow mighty beards and wear labcoats and goggles in the shower?! Experiment I tell you! Find the answers yourself, then publish a paper about it!
  6. Automatically aggros beefalos is going to make it very hard to play as him without switching character. I didnt watch the video closely but I didnt see what his perk was? I imagine it would have to be something pretty good to counter that negative and make him a viable character for long term survival? Turning off my thinking brain for a second I however discovered this secondary thought hidden beneath the uberleethaxorprosniper in me that said: PRO STEAMPUNK ROBOT THING MUST PLAY AWESOME YES FOREVER LOVER Not entirely sure what it means, but hey there you go.
  7. encouraging kids to smoke yo' KLEI JUST WANT TO WATCH THE WORLD BURN
  8. Not obtrusive?! The boy (Presumed - not proven) is half blind! He needs to cut that mess down else he may as well be a cyclops, AND NOBODY LIKES THE CYCLOPS.
  9. As a member of society who once used to be 'cool' I demand you get a god damn hair cut you hippy.
  10. Well, there are a few ways to deal with spiders, first of all, if you have Wolfgang available I highly suggest switching to him, get yourself some log armour + spear/tentacle spike. If the spiders are close together it can be extremely tricky, but best bet is to head to the spiders for dusk, they will come out of their nest and roam, making them easy to pick off, setting up a campfire beside the nests to help you weaken their numbers, thin them out then pick the nests off 1 at a time. NEVER spam attack on a nest, hit it once, run, let the spiders that spawn chase you, pick them off (Jumpers first) 1v4 isnt to tricky especially if you take care of the jumpers early! Then work your way through the nests, its going to take a few days work, if you have honey I suggest you bring some along with additional supplies, monster meat to help you escape if you get overwhelmed etc... If you dont deal with them all Soon you could end up with 6 spider queens, easy to fight 1v1 but if the nests are close together, could be tricky times...
  11. I stopped reading 50 shades of grey to read this thread...and I am not dissapoint... if you know what I mean!
  12. Naipseht is probably playing on the test map rather than the default map, hence, lots of islands... If he really is claiming 25 default circles then I am with DeadlyFoez calling horseshit.
  13. I will just leave this here... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0309698/
  14. I think Maxwell is a good guy, he has brought the evil scientist Wilson to justice, but, like any good super hero is in incapable of killing or hurting them!As such, he has spent many years of his life designing the perfect prison to hold the scientist and his evil crew...
  15. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?4929-Dec-19-Update-Long-Live-the-Queen-Preview-Video That thread has already picked over the video till there wasnt a frame left un-discussed