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Birds of the World summoning Pengulls in Winter, Tallbirds near empty nests and Gobblers from Berrybushes.

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The book is called Birds of the World yet it only pertains to the small flying birds of the Constant. 

The book currently always spawns birds in a small radius around the reader, i believe this radius could be used to make the book do different things depending on where u read it.

Some suggestions to add interactions with the other birds of the world: 


Pengull Colonies: 

When cast in Winter close to a coast or on a boat that’s close to a coast; a new pengull colony will jump out of the ocean. 

Ideally this would allow the spawning of more pengull colonies than the natural cap for each winter up to a new but higher max number.



When cast near Tallbird nests that have neither an egg in it or any Tallbirds tied to it, a new adult Tallbird will be spawned off screen and run towards its nest. 



When cast near fruit bearing berrybushes it will summon a gobbler from each one. Up to a cap of like 10 or whatever. Or instead a 50% chance to summon a gobbler from however many berrybushes in the radius. 


Small flying birds: 

Its current and only functionality would be used when the book is cast without meeting any of the above mentioned requirements. 

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6 minutes ago, Anthony_L3hr said:

What about the lovely Moonrock Pengulls on Lunar? They could be summoned too when performing on the coasts or lunar island.:cool2:

Right! Forgot about those creeps for a second.

Exactly, if cast near lunar shores it should spawn the moonrock version. 

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Food for thought: some of the other birds in the game not listed but maybe should be included somehow are Moose/Goose, Malbatross, puffins, Weregoose (probably not this one tho), and the evil birds during moon storm.

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6 hours ago, Anthony_L3hr said:

I could never forget them, I have been scarred ever since.


How pity that they got deleted  :c  (I mean the whole concept. Of course they're still in the game, but just only as placeholders at this point).

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