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some art :D

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So how you guys doin'?

I have a temporary job where I teach kiddos to draw.

And I'm doing a final diploma work for my Uni, a book about the Moscow Underground, which I am 



and illustrating on my own.

I also sell some monster designs for some money to people who actually buy them. wow.


I'm not saying I'm coming back like back in the old days, but I really wanted to see if I can still draw, uhh, me.

I guess I'm pretty rusty, but I still got it, hahah.

ds comeback.png

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14 hours ago, Kuba5565 said:

First time seeing this thread but wow 699 pages? Is that a record?

The funny thing is, due to the fact the forum design changed a few times over the years, the thread reached 1000 pages in various formats about 3 times. I drew celebration milestone drawings every time. Maybe I can pull off doing this again, hahah.

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On 14.12.2019 at 4:56 AM, GreenWyvern said:


Woah, yeah things sure changed a bunch. I guess I'm just aging very slowly, and so does my art style, hahahaha.

Isn't it great how a game forum brought you guys together? That's like a modern-type love story!

I'm doing very well, I have things to do and that's the most important thing for me. Otherwise I melt.

But I'm very glad you're doing well. I may come over rarely to post a silly picture or something, I'd like to do so at least.

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