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some art :D

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Willette now has a...

ready for it?


now there is no need to throw your money at the screen, or worry that you can't ask me to draw you something off-topic! Now you can just PM me, so we could talk 'bout off-topic draws.

Send me messages so we can talk about the draws, have lots of fun and throw money at your screen- no wait, you don't have to do that. Just use PayPal to send Willette some moneys as a present, because why not, idk, you don't have to ;3

Have a super-duper day!


oh, and, it doesn't mean i'm stopping requests.

I'm just going to draw EVEN MORE, not just ds stuff!









ds related stuff can be requested in the thread

i am a newbie at these forums and seem to know less about the game's features than others. Although, i liked the game so much, that i decided to draw some... stuff! not like i'm a super professional artist, but i'm learning and i want to become one in future! so... yeah.

some colored wilson right here


aaaand an attempt to make a comics and a character at the same time...


also, here's a full size image http://puu.sh/2tJFG

so... what do you think? not like i actually think THIS is worth anything, but i am enjoying drawing :grin:

*just so everyone could know, if somehow BY ANY CHANCE someone will like this stuff, i can't promise posting anything every day or so. And if i will goof around and make grammar or spelling mistakes, please don't be angry as this is not my mother tongue.

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Both really good again. would love to see color on the first one. I've tried to colorate lately and the outcoming was mediocre...(>_<) but color adds a whole level to your drawing so I keep trying..yay

i wish you good luck and toooons of time XD
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Your comic strip about starving, ya know? When I first read that, I was always thinking, oh, its the hounds. I just figured out that it was YOU starving. Or I think it was you. Was that you? In the comic strip with Wilson?

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Maybe. :3. Also, i didn't want to confuse you, that was just the thing actually happening to me, so i descided to share it as something that will probably happen to others :J

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