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  1. Playing don't starve on the switch and I remembered this place. It's almost 7 years since it started, jeez
  2. *sits up and looks around* Where am I? I'll bet Maxwell has something to do with it. *searches around for clues*
  3. Rip Maxwell's pool.


  4. Thanks cogface. Yes thank you, he and I are very greatful. Now how do I take off this silly halloween costume.
  5. Hello everyone, could someone refresh Wise's memory on how to change text colour because quite frankly I've no idea.
  6. Haha, remember when I re-sparked the roleplay thread thing :D

  7. And what happen to the dapper den youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC44wkVs4xAnRO6NOXsswFHw ) , we never did start uploading videos
  8. 854 pages? (1708 in the old pages) Well it's good to be back Also this don't stave together thing, wasn't there already mods for that?
  9. Ribbit! Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay!
  10. Anyway I really have to go clean the pool. I don't want to get Maxwell angry! Ribbit! Also I still have my Halloween avatar up. I really need a new one.
  11. Here you go! Can I have some shadow cake?
  12. how the hell did Seuss turn into skinning people?!