some art :D

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your lady's dead man you better take out rabbitfist in revenge.


Now where did I put that ol' scoped shotgun of mine... IT'S RABBIT SEASON!



Ah, kicking.  How ungentlemanly.  You should partake in a game of chess


Funny that you mention chess... I played a bit yesterday...




... it was wonderful.

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Ah, kicking.  How ungentlemanly.  You should partake in a game of chess, or, if you still wish to see your enemies smote before you...


COME TO MAULMART!  We have the best deals on murderous implements, torture devices, and flamethrowers!  Come to you local Maulmart today!  Maulmart - shop dumb, die bloody.  Maulmart.


​Warning-not for children under age 18.  Eternity, INC is not responsible for any burns, maiming, or fatal injuries that may result in visiting Maulmart™.

Shows (fake) ID " can i shop here I'm clearly 18" see how tall i am that should prove it but then again some people are short..."

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Let's make an exercise! 

Everyone has up to ten thingies attached to up to 2 hands (the things at the end of your arms) keep them thingies hovering over the keyboard or touchscreen and fight the urge to tip something random with all your mind.


Now keep this felling as long as possible and imprint it deeply inside....


You shall be therefore able to control your thingies at will....alright! Let's fetch the shovels and find the rails...they have to bee here somewhere....



All those rumors about moderating rights....

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