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[Animated Short] - Abandon Pip

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We had fun working on this one. We had this bonus short ready to go and thought that Klei Fest would be a good time to send it out! Enjoy!

On this asteroid, Jean works hard to keep everything and everyone in ship shape. But when a curious new friend arrives and stirs up trouble for the Colony, Ada will do anything but Abandon Pip.

If you haven't seen our big Klei Fest post, head over here and check it out!


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9 hours ago, Bluefoxfire said:

That needs to be a feature, where they can flip the compost for you.


Would make a lot of sense considering how they mess up with storages, and would be a good use, opening some new designs.

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12 hours ago, Gurgel said:

Now I know why I never took a Jean...

Jean is basically me when i try to run a colony and dupes do some wacky shenanigans instead doing their assigned work properly or some critters are making a mess in my base :3

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Just popping into this thread to say how much I love Klei's art departments (visual and audio). Y'all work too darn hard on these games, never mind on auxiliary stuff like the shorts. I love ONI's visual style so much and it has one of my all time favorite soundtracks too

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