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  1. This single change would make dupe management so much more interesting. Rooms would be much more significant.
  2. I'm the opposite. Game needs attention. Whatever keeps it rolling the better. In the end if DLC2 will be in the works, then DLC1 and base game will get some scraps too. If DLC2 won't be in the works then I bet whole game will be put in the closet. Sadly I don't think this game gets as much attention from players as it deserves. Reviews for DLC are mixed, people who spent 2500 hours in game review it positive. Game and amount of content in DLC is insane. They did tremendous work with DLC1 and it's my favourite game of all the time, I will happily pay for another DLC, if it's for reasonable price like DLC1 is. Dare to say 10 EUR once in two years is a rip off of Klei. I would like to continue that deal. Content DLC2? Performance DLC3?
  3. Anything happening around ONI is awesome for the game.
  4. I'm waiting for someone to post results from steam deck
  5. From physics what I miss is gravity - both better on planets and on star map. Terraria like terrain would be also awesome instead of square based one. Scientific revamp for starmap, e.g planets revolving around stars, non linear travel time depending on planet alignment. However that sounds more like ONI 2:) For DLC I would prefer to get PRO UI: - Blueprints is a request since like forever, this is now even more important as every new planet means often building again same machinery which is not that much fun once you already done several times. - Revamped all UIs e.g. plant and seed selection, building menu without scroll bars, better hotkeys e.g grid, fixed priority hotkeys. - Moving single seeds or objects shouldn't require building storage and then forcing deconstruction. Same for moving a single shine bug to bathroom. - Better pip planting, e.g. just allow us to do what we want without time consuming hacks like covering land with ladders. This game is extremely time consuming, we really don't need that horrible pip planting - streamline this please. For more content in DLC2: - Overhaul of printing pod. Separate care packages from printing dupes. Remove RNG aka slot machines from it. Allow us to build our own dupes. You pick more nasty negative traits you get more points to put in good traits - one example of system that could work. You can build on top of that like genetic modifications later in the game to remove some nasty traits, also through certain conditions dupes could acquire new negative traits. Too long in radiation sickness? Your dupe might start to fart or start to fall asleep periodically. - Buildable and automatic teleporters. Once colonized the teleporters just seem like unavoidable discovery. Or just remove them completely if that's not what is intended and allow more automatic rocketry. - Fire seems like an interesting idea, however it would be drastic and if introduced I don't want compromises e.g. if it touches hydrogen I want the whole thing to blow up instantly. I don't want to see things burning and hydrogen not reacting with it. - More interactions between animals, and between animals and plants. Growing ecosystems, not shrinking ones. Right now I often see some biomes simply degrading with time, but in nature it's reverse, nature usually expands. E.g. forests become more dense, weeds spread, mouses overpopulate like crazy. Ofcourse often at the expense of other materials or other plants and animals. - Sunlight should generate heat - Atmosphere and more things to do on surface, rain, snow, wind turbines. Weather conditions depending on atmosphere and planet. I'm not fan of aliens and raids and any kind of military aspects. I like the almost pacifist approach of this game. I think oni would lose its uniqueness, and personally the only DLC I wouldn't buy.
  6. You think with 32 gb of memory he didn't had 9-10 free? Can someone explain what the "uncore frequency" is? Values look odd.
  7. One thing I don't like right now is that you can get data banks very early in the game (geysers, special buildings), you can build virtual planetarium to make analysis quite quickly as well... but every single research that requires orange research requires also the yellow one. There is nothing to research without radiation research. Data banks are useless until much later time in the game. Would be nice if we could get at least recreational building with some early data banks. Or just ban data banks on initial planet (and it's teleport pair) to not make it confusing. For the yellow research, I don't care if it will be green or other color, I just don't like we have yellow and orange since they are hard to distinguish at first sight. Paint it red
  8. +1 sometimes it took me several glimpses to be sure if it's yellow or orange research that I need
  9. Klei made so many awesome shorts, would be nice if more were included in the game itself.
  10. I've played a bit more with this map, and to be honest, I don't see a reason for this game to perform so badly. Seems like even if you just look at the rocket interior the performance stays horrible. This is clearly a sign of some bad design decisions. I'm looking at rocket interior, nothing happens really there, no heavy graphical computation, yet I keep having 8fps, and the CPU stays below 20% usage. The whole game is being carried by pretty much just one core. Considering this game is all about computation ignoring multiple cores is just insane. I was hoping DLC will be a chance to improve game performance but it turned to be opposite ;/
  11. I mean, scientifically speaking, how by looking into stars you can study geysers?
  12. I like the idea of including this beautiful Virtual Planetarium... but how on earth you do geyser analysis there?
  13. Very long ones... I'm just worried, hope he is ok. Would be good to have some info if he is fine - even if no longer part of the team.