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  1. Ooo pretty

    So it wasn't just me then.
  2. Maybe so, but the manual way is much faster to set up and is much better in spots were full automation would be too unreliable, in terms of triggers and all that stuff. It's also nice to attach one to an auto system as an emergency shut off when something goes wrong and/or said system's own emergency shut offs somehow fail.
  3. Wow, and here I thought I was the only one who really knew about that, nice. I actually known(and used it) since automation first game out. Although in this case, I normally just slide the setting all the way left or right then use the above/below buttons as on/off. Think of it like the manual switch, but you control it instead of the dupes.
  4. rapid ice melter

    Dumping used refinery coolant into said glaciers can also work in a pinch
  5. I meant more just removing method 1 as at least 2 through 4 requires dupe time and/or some rather complex setups.
  6. What about the ability to make temp tiles and ladders? It's the same as the normal ones but will basically deconstruct itself after a set amount of time. Would help with blocking ladder/tile issues and it wouldn't really break the game(I think).
  7. Post launch - next update?

    Don't forget to add nerf AT/steam heat deletion and make it so borg cubes are wimpy to that list. That way people can stop whining about every other cooling option being useless and that people who use them are noobs. Sorry, just tired of all the min/max people trying to pressure others to conforming to the "best way" when it comes to that.
  8. To all the people who think for cooling that ATs and Steam gens are all the matter and everything else is a noob trap, how about you wonder what happens if Klei does a surprise ninja update and makes it go the way of the Fertilizer Syth exploit and the like; what will you say and do then? Klei won't do it because they don't care anymore is not a valid answer because that makes you sound like you're using the "it's not cheating if everyone does it" excuse.
  9. People are seriously forgetting that Worts are to heat as ATs are to CO2. It's not really to delete it, it's to keep it from building up.
  10. And to also make the game mine the ice out of it for you, if you think it in that way,
  11. That statement is exactly why I had the sentence below in the OP. I actually also just remembered that making it into drywall tiles can work too, just that the effect won't be as pronounced. Drywall had been changed to take much less time building than before, basically not as long as temp plates as it once did.
  12. Yes there are plenty of things you can build up to do just that, but what if you need to cool it quickly and you don't have enough time to build something before it gives off too much of said heat? Take the offending items, and make them into a tempshift plate inside a cold biome. It'll absorb the cold air and won't be a problem anymore. Then just take it down when need be. Granted this doesn't work with everything and cold biomes don't last forever of course. Still, it's a nice option to think about if you need to.
  13. Dealing with too much gas

    Don't forget that you can also store excess O2 in gas storages somewhere.(I prefer using 1 to 3 total for this) then setting an atmo sensor and a gas shutoff to have it release O2 when it drops below a certain point. This can sometimes allow you to shut off most of your O2 machine sources to save on power and reduce heat buildup. You can also use said storages to temp store unwanted gases until you're able to transfer them somewhere more suitable.
  14. They will also attack other critters that approach the egg too.
  15. Odd, they're working just fine for me. Does help that I have them in hydrofarm tiles.