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What Pokemon do you like the most per type?

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Just curious! Here's my list.


Grass = Celebi
Fire = Vulpix
Ice = Alolan Vulpix
Steel = Skarmory
Fairy = Sylveon
Psychic = Espeon
Electric = Pikachu
Flying = Articuno
Rock = Aron
Dragon = Garchomp
Ghost = Froslass
Normal = Eevee
Ground = Flygon
Dark = Umbreon
Fighting = Blaziken
Bug = Combee
Water = Kingdra
Poison = Gengar

EDIT: If you want to make an image out of it to share instead, GetNerfedOn shared this link! https://www.cpokemon.com/seccion/herramientas/tipos/en/

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Psychic: Hypno, it cute and fluffly, it could probably help me sleep and dream.

Normal: Ursaring, it fat but not too fat, I alway want to ride a bear and it can steal honey for me.

Fire: Incineroar, it hot and big, I wonder could I roast food on it fire belt and could it be taken off?

Fighting: Urshifu single strike style, it big fluffy and strong, it be my bodyguard and my baker and masseur.

Water: Urshifu rapid strike style, it big fluffy and quick, my other bodyguard and my pasty chef and masseur.

Flying: Corviknight, it hard and cool, free taxi and other service.

Grass: Rilaboom, it got long hair and it kinda cute, free musician and the first member of the band.

Poison: Toxtricity low key form, it cute, free musician and the second member of the band.

Electric: Toxtricity amped form, it cool, free musician and the third member of the band

Ground: Ursaluna, it too cute, I love the smell of peat.

Rock: Tyranitar, it cute and fat, I could finally be ultraman.

Ice: Beartic, cool, ice Ursaring.

Bug: Buzzwole, super buff, Wrestling match with incineroar.

Dragon: Garchomp, cute, I had a crush on this pokemon when I was a kid.

Ghost: Sableye, Goblin, I love goblin type creature I think they are cute.

Dark: Obstagoon, Kiss, free musician and the last member of the band.

Steel: Perrserker, Cat, I love cat like this.

Fairy: Grimmsnarl, hair goblin, love it.



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18 minutes ago, OMGkawaiiAngel said:

What do you think?

Normie ghost pick (Yes, I picked a wooper. There just aren't a lot of ground/dragon types I like)

Chansey is pretty good tho, so is eggce...egg..thing

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