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What your favorite thing in DST?

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Probably the fact Turfs have ambient sounds linked to them, when placed - gives depth and is soothing, more-so when transplanted in a base. But, if taking a little bit of time from daily routine, listening to Evergreen or Deciduous Forest background sounds is very pleasant. Also I fancy the followers mechanic, even if most times their actual use is.. kin slaughter and not companions per se. And, of course, the fact we can transplant most things where we desire, making micro-biomes and whatnot.

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Sorry but I will mention more than one:

  • The many minigames and customizations here and there, like skins, trade-inn, events and such.
  • The Settings page of the game which gives user many options.
  • Ability to have the client mods.
  • That characters don't talk.
  • The style of painting.

There is more but these are the best.

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I love the word play. Like how the Dragonfly is an actual cross breed between a dragon and a fly. Or a pet chest is named Chester. Or that butterflies sometimes drop butter. Or that you need a mole to make Guacamole. I love how it makes the Constant original and I love how well realised the design of everything in it is.

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how game changer are some of the characters

the non lineal progression of the game. Most sand boxes keeps a rpg lineal progression like "copper armor gives +5 armor but iron armor gives you +8, etc etc" so you end up playing in the same way. You can even change the order of defeating bosses depending of your playstyle/knowledge/character/mood/etc

artstyle and designs. How they can mix silly desings like moose goose with creepy ones like spider queen with that paper book tim burton style

hie the game can make you suffer if you forget something, misscalculate resources needed, get hit without armor, etc

weather, biomes and other survival elements. I hope this get extended in a future since we didnt got any survival focused update in many time

sanity meter and lore. As a fan of the chtulhu mythos i fallen in love when i noticed the character could go bannanas and get attacked by "allucinations", hope this get expanded in future updates and more with the new sanity mechanic of alter. Ancient lore always welcome since have a lot of similitudes with Lovecraft mythos

variety of content plus farmeable bosses. Depending of your mood you have always something to do from building, collecting materials, fighting, etc

and more that for sure i left without mentioning


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Easily the fact that each playable character has their own unique playstyle to them and with a huge cast of playable characters, If I get bored of playing as one I can swap to another.

Im saying this as a console player without access to the world of Mods, for Me.. each character Rework is a chance for Klei to offer up brand new ways for me to play and further enjoy this game.

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