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Reaching the Temporal Tear

Reaching the Temporal Tear  

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  1. 1. How many of you have reached the Temporal Tear in base game or DLC?

    • I have never seen the Temporal Tear
    • I have found the Temporal Tear
    • I have opened and used the Temporal Tear

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truth be told- despite having just about 9,000 hours on steam in ONI I haven't ever reached the temporal tear in survival gameplay, both for gameplay reasons (base game rocketry is not conducive to my gameplay, spaced out rocketry i always have better things to do than pursue the tear) and for thematic reasons (I find the pursuit of an 'escape' from the reality the duplicants find themselves in to be a fruitless and sad measure, I vastly prefer the thought from the other two endings of the duplicants making a home for themselves in their galaxy and making the most of their situation.) But I am getting pretty darn close in this current colony, due to radbolt rocketry.

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I always get sick of my base and start over before i get to the point where it would be possible. Currently feeling the same despite being further than usually. Also i keep getting distracted with other games and some real life stuff so i can`t get enough time in. Later stages of the game feel like dragging forever (it was even worse in the base game though when space missions took 30+ cycles).

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