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  1. I guess he meant ssd free space. For sure I had it. I didn't found reasonable explanation. And I'd recommend not to look at it. I marked important fields. It is RAM type and size, Channel #, DRAM Frequency which is half of RAM actual frequency, and finally CL.
  2. I had an opportunity to check some influence of RAM memory on game speed. I have Intel Core i7-9700K GTX 1660 SUPER OC 6GB Windows SSD: GOODRAM C40 Steam Game Folder SSD (M2): Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB RAM: Option 1. 2x8GB, HyperX 2666MHz CL13 Predator: Option 2: 2x8GB, Kingston Fury 3600MHz CL16 Renegade: Option 3: 4x8GB, Kingston Fury 3600MHz CL16 Renegade:
  3. Same on windows: I though I sent wrong rocket and lost 5 cycles because it was correct one, with incorrect description. This rocket has no cargo bay.
  4. As per description. I run out of water and my oil wells stopped. But after like 20 cycles I get back to this asteroid seeing the only duplicant there constantly working on oil well trying to depressurized it. However, the animation was indication that the Oil Well is trying to work (it was an animation of working not being depressurized). But the Natural Gas was not released so it was just a time and errand lost. I found it just after releasing Spaced Out and now I am back in the game and the issue is still there. Thanks!
  5. I just had the same issue but with 5.4 kg package: All other packages are ~20*C.
  6. Incorrect report. Dash Saltvine even when growth is halted is still consuming chlorine.
  7. In my opinion it is related to liquid vent or anything that happens after water leaving liquid vent. We can clearly see the water is coming from the steam turbine 2kg/s constantly so inside the pipes there is no water lost. It would be strange to see steam turbine sucking additional portion of steam. In this post: Mathmanican said: And I think this may be important to remind. Based on this video: We can observe that this is actually not straightforward save/load issue. Finally in this post: @DaClown compared mass deletion to heat deletion. I wish I could help You more with this bug.
  8. OK. I see it was already reported and it is a known bug. My job is done here xD Thanks!
  9. They are here for few cycles so far: Oxygen Not Included 2021-03-31 17-39-52.mp4
  10. My paintings are hide behind pixels packs until decor view is selected. Then paintings are toggling randomly between back and front. Oxygen Not Included 2021-03-31 17-28-54.mp4 Oxygen Not Included 2021-03-31 17-28-54.mp4
  11. As per description. You can see it on this short clip twice: Oxygen Not Included 2021-03-23 18-14-49.mp4
  12. Dear all, I believe it was reported already but here is a save with moment when mass disappeared. Metal refinery requires 400kg of coolant - it was liquid steel. There was 406 kg of liquid steel in that loop one cycle earlier. However, now there is only 396kg. Where 10kg? Somehow liquid pump suck liquids twice but skipped releasing one pocket of liquid during saving process OR released pocket was not covered by save. Affected pump: Location: There is also save from next cycle WHEN I DID NOT LOADED THE GAME. There is 406kg in the loop!!! So it happens only during loading process. I hope it helps You somehow. Best regards, Sheaker Cycl 1153, 396kg, load.sav Cycle 1154, 406kg, no load.sav