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  1. Hello. It crashed after some time: 8.1kg of iron natural tile seems strange to me. What I did wrong? On this image (loaded 5 cycles earlier) I see that the liquid iron is forming above, not inside mesh tile. I think it is incorrect? What is going on here? Why it does not solidify? Gas: Liquid:
  2. Do you need 10kg/s? I am using very similar design but not 10kg/s. Rather more like 3.5 kg/s but it should be still enough to tame infected polluted water geyser. My design is using only two tanks. No liquid vents and no power source required (except liquid pump for infected water). Automation is pretty similar. If You would use another water tank on door instead of liquid valve my design would be 1/3 of Yours.
  3. What are the limits? I am using infinite gas storages and there is over 3500kg of natural gas per tile. I see no errors so far.
  4. This is 'normal phenomena'. Instead of getting stuck they are getting teleported. They are able to perform some actions then. For example if my Duplicant just completed a tile behind his head and was about to build another tile very close (no time delay for movement) but he get teleported, he will continue to build another tile without any animation. Definitely there is lack of animation here.
  5. Normal and radiant as well and that makes me confused. However, after the fix it is working now. Thanks!
  6. How is this aligned with: and description of first chamber: ? Ok. I am sorry. I overreacted. I think there is something not clear to me in the piping of chamber 1. Could You, please, support me with screenshot of piping in chamber one but without any sensors, pumps and valves? You could build it anywhere and just show the piping layer.
  7. Ok, I think I need Your explanation: It is cold damage. I ain't happy so far. Damn... I started building it more than 500 cycles ago.
  8. Once again - it is because You delivered hot metal and it is exchanging heat with environment during the building process. I showed it in vacuum to prevent other heat loss/transfer mechanism. Try to build gold metal tile under low pressure CO2 or chlorine where there will be small heat exchange factor. You will see Your gold metal tile not more than 45 C after its done.
  9. Dear all, I believe it was reported already but here is a save with moment when mass disappeared. Metal refinery requires 400kg of coolant - it was liquid steel. There was 406 kg of liquid steel in that loop one cycle earlier. However, now there is only 396kg. Where 10kg? Somehow liquid pump suck liquids twice but skipped releasing one pocket of liquid during saving process OR released pocket was not covered by save. Affected pump: Location: There is also save from next cycle WHEN I DID NOT LOADED THE GAME. There is 406kg in the loop!!! So it happens only during loading process. I hope it helps You somehow. Best regards, Sheaker Cycl 1153, 396kg, load.sav Cycle 1154, 406kg, no load.sav
  10. You can try to 'enable proximities' in priorities menu, on the top right under the gear. But in general I am facing the same issue. Sometimes it is good to lock your duplicants for a while to let them finish all available task in that area before moving to, ie. store gold or bleach stone.
  11. Hello. I am using autosweeper to perform two task periodically. Task 1, priority 2 is to take one material to one conveyor loader. Then task 2, priority 1 is to move second material to second conveyor loader. Automation is triggered by weight plate set to above 950kg for material 1 (plus some filters and buffers gates to give autosweeper enough time to perform two tasks) and there is near unlimited source of material two. I need rough balance in the system of conveyor belts. Conveyor loaders have 1000kg limits. When automation is triggered usually autosweeper was picking entire 955-965 kg of material one to conveyor loader one and then filling conveyor loader two with 1000kg of material two. But for some reason it does not happened always causing incidental high unbalance breaking the design. I just saw autosweeper taking only 735kg material one (task one) and then taking another 220kg of material one during its second task time. Why is that? Material one was stacked in single debris and initial temperature of all its pieces was roughly the same. Why autosweeper did no used its full capacity? Layout + desc: External conveyor chute drops above 950 of material1 on weight plate activating automation. Weight plate is sending green signal to buffer gate and via 'not gate', closing external conveyor chute. Filter gate is set to 2s just to give time for material1 to fall down and merge with existing debris. Then green signal is reaching autosweeper. As Conveyor Loader 1 (CL1) has higher priority autosweeper is taking material1 to CL1. Green signal from weight plate disappears but buffer gate is granting enough time for autoswwper to perform another task. If everything went well autosweeper is taking 1000kg of material2 to CL2 and just after that the green signal from buffer gate ends, chute opens and cycle is in its initial state. But if autosweeper did not took entire material1 then second task is just a redo of first task leaving CL2 with no delivery. What am I missing? Thanks!
  12. Nah. I am flaking abbysalite natural tile. I am able to get up to 105 kg of cool tungsten per 100kg of iron refinement. Unfortunately wolframite is not laying on the ground:/
  13. As You saw earlier my printing pod itself is not really exposed but I would still like to share the base core here: MooChiChi, I completed my abyssalite melter and produced thermium. Hydro sensor with automation is already done. Unfortunately I want to wait for iron volcano dormancy to analyse it first. I will update You soon. (Unfortunately, the Abyssalite melter requires some micromanagement and cannot be left alone; so my gameplay is pretty slow these days until i get enough tungsten to regain my huge building effort.)
  14. I agree with someone above that You have somewhere a wire that is unable to withstand the load. Additionally, I wouldn't recommend You using heavy watt wires inside the base. They are affecting decor significantly. Conductive wires are not affecting decor at all. Maybe You could try something like this: