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  1. It is because there is too little metal to exchange heat. I was reporting it with gases long time ago. Your 20kg packages are cold but this 3814mcg has not enough mass. I wouldn't be worry.
  2. Lord of the Rings Extended Edition in ONI pixel art? "You son of a ****, I'm in."@Morty
  3. Mine looks like this and it works perfect. Automation is to disable gas range and electric grills:
  4. Why not store food in CO2? It is also sterile atmosphere. Since CO2 is heaviest gas it is easy to create small storage room with refrigerator(s) inside and easy access from the top.
  5. Thank You. If there were 6 rails for the whole map then maybe one for 48 tiles will be enough. I am not going to cover whole map with automated regolith gathering system but I think two section of 48 tiles is something I am aiming for now. I ended without sand and started to ranch pokeshells. For this purpose I designed automated Lumber to polluted dirt and ethanol converter but in the end I found that ranching pokeshells for sand is inefficient so I decided to start gathering regolith and cooling it down so it can be used in deodorizers and water sieves. The game is "over" for me so now its time for some fun:)
  6. Dear All, This is first time I am going to automate gathering from space. I would really appreciate some help with this. Here is design I am using, I think it is well know: Ladder in the middle will be deconstructed soon. Another Bunker Door on the left will be added once system will be powered to drop some regolith and see its functioning. Robo-Miners, Auto-Sweepers and Conveyor loaders are made of thermium. My questions: 1. What will be average mass input from this part of space (48 tiles)? 2. Will one conveyor rail be enough to remove all material from space? 3. One gas pipe will be divided equally between 6 vents. What average gas flow should I maintain for CO2 and what for chlorine? Is there anything obviously wrong with my build? Thank You! Best regards, Sheaker
  7. I had the same question. User story is pretty simple: There are two tanks (A and B) with liquids and there are doors to transfer heat between both tanks. We want to close the door when tank A is colder than tank B. Since both temperatures can vary we need to compare them. This example can be possible done with many temperature sensors in both liquids tanks but the resolution of this scale would be poor. Can't You just use gas element sensor to keep the level of chlorine as You desire? I am keeping CO2 level stable having two different CO2 geysers and erratic number of slicksters.
  8. I know that when they are really hurt they they assign themself to triage cot without human interaction.
  9. Well. That is what i was looking for but could you, please, help me to find it? You said 'debug mode' - is it different than sandbox?
  10. Hello. I would like to test some setup in sandbox but it requires a lumber to work. Spawning lumber of 1kg is inefficient. Is there any way to spawn like 1000000 kg of lumber? Best regards, Sheaker
  11. Thank for that info. It good to know. I will review my schedule soon.
  12. Here is my example. 12 Duplicants and 4 schedules. Many players are setting downtime between sleep and bathtime to get additional traits during workday. Keep in mind that Dupliants can work during bathtime when they performed all required hygiene jobs. . In fact the only change from default was to set three ours downtime and use 3 Duplicants per schedule. Its fair enough to eat and play before sleep. They are always reaching 100% stamina before their wake time.