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  1. You need to automate most things then You will be able to use more downtime to play video games or use sauna. For electricity turbines are the best.
  2. As I remember it was mentioned already. You should also get a lot of skill points after that.
  3. The only thing I am missing in the game is mechanical pressure valve that could be mounted in a wall and release pressure when above desire level. I guess I can only wish for that but if there are other members wishing for that feature maybe they could implement it? I think it would fit the game mechanics perfectly.
  4. It would be great to see any progress. So far i dropped 800kg of really hot molten steal on 1kg abyssalite natural tile. It took ages to melt and in the end I did not found any tungsten. Probably mass was too small and it disappeared under the steal. I am looking for any updates.
  5. Ok. I found that this is NOT just a save/load issue. Here it happened not straight after loading the game: Oxygen Not Included 2020-06-28 08-33-46.mp4 I will test it more.
  6. I think maybe it is related to mechanism how crude oil gets deleted in this video: Oxygen Not Included 2020-06-26 16-53-00.mp4 Look closely. At first the crude oil is somehow lifted above water level but after second water drop the crude oil is disappearing
  7. Here is 1st cycle map where the same bug happened after second load.mathmanican_Cycle1.sav
  8. Just minor. In general I am not facing any performance issues apart time when game is saving. When the video was recorded there were no lags or performance issues. Well I forgot about that. At the very beginning of my ONI journal I donated about 200 maps for ToolsNotIncluded. The mod was left enabled I guess... Despite it happened not long time ago I do not remember. I guess it was below 1000g so I was hundred percent sure steam disappeared. I was rather excited seeing deletion than actually focused on analysis. They are under the same circuit. Automation is shutting of aquatuners and steam turbines. Water from steam turbines is then released via drain pipe into steam chamber. This is designed to keep the steam hot while the aquatuners are offline. That's why I said it was a real pain :/ I will try to copy this scheme into fresh world and see the results.
  9. Recreating same bug was a real pain but finally I was able to make it. May this be my small contribution. How to: 1. Load game. 2. Wait till steam turbine shutdown. 3. Let water drain from ST. 4. Pause the game. 5. Check steam amount. (3720 or 3760 at first try) 6. Load game again without closing the game and go to point 2. Repeat until bug happen. It should be 2-4 loads. mathmanican.sav
  10. Agree.There is more than that. I am using two separate entrance to surface. One is without atmo suits just for rocket pilot (there is atmo suit in rocket command module). If I assign one of my pilots to the rocket, he/she will start going to perform this errand. When I then open second route just for him/her and close the first one (to prevent him/her from wearing atmo suit) then the errant is skipped and duplicants are acting like You described. I need to re-assign them to rocket again in that case.
  11. I agree that those doors can be passed but I don't consider this a bug since You are not fully walking 'through' the doors. Similar example here: I think to 'pass the door' You have to cross both sides of door. In Your example You are crossing only one side of a door.
  12. Suggestion: I would say that if You disable repairs on that object it shouldn't popup a warning anymore, when getting damage.