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  1. In my opinion something has to be done with diseases. They are present but barely affect my duplicants. I wish we had to fight diseases much more than currently.
  2. I just had the same issue but with 5.4 kg package: All other packages are ~20*C.
  3. The point is to pre-cool the liquid pipes. 10kg hydrogen package vs several 400kg pipes can result in damage. It is shown in the video. Heat damage.
  4. Wait, what? I think You are wrong. They transform enthalpy which is basically temperature into another form of energy - kinetic energy of its shaft. Then this energy is transformed into electricity by generator. If You then use electricity to produce something else than heat, then yes - turbine is deleting heat.
  5. You mean just running the setup that cause the problem then, to analyse if there are additional hydrogen losses there? Didn't it require three different types of medium like crude oil + steam + water trying to occupy the same tile?
  6. Thank for confirmation. I checked it pretty carefully and I am sure no hydrogen packages were above 1000g limit. So 1000g hydrogen packages were damaging pipes in that case. What I noticed: - Heat damage occurred only few times. - Heat damage occurred when the pipes were almost as cold as LH. (~ -249 C) - Fortunately it stops after restarting the game I hope it was just a one time issue and we will never face it again.
  7. Is this normal phenomena that I am not aware yet? Or something has changed recently? Oxygen Not Included 2021-05-22 13-10-13.mp4
  8. Maybe some type of protection software prevents game from creating new folders/files?
  9. Incorrect report. Dash Saltvine even when growth is halted is still consuming chlorine.
  10. In above design it was most likely Pokeshell protecting its egg. I found it killing other creatures few cycles later. I removed Pokeshell from this Nature Reserve. I added small modification for water temperature control. Now it looks like this: And there are wild animals: Two Shine Bugs, Glossy Drecko, Hatchling, Pip, Puft, Pacu, And wild plants: Three Arbor Trees, Seven Mealwoods, Two Oxyfrens, Hexalent, Two Mirht Leafs, Bristle Blossom, growing only when Shine Bugs are near, Two Waterweeds. There is also Dasha Saltvine but it is not growing at all due to lack of chlorine.
  11. Ok. I didn't notice it at first but I still think one of Your duplicants is farting. So far this was the only explanation in several similar topics. Maybe there is boiling methane there?
  12. In my opinion it is related to liquid vent or anything that happens after water leaving liquid vent. We can clearly see the water is coming from the steam turbine 2kg/s constantly so inside the pipes there is no water lost. It would be strange to see steam turbine sucking additional portion of steam. In this post: Mathmanican said: And I think this may be important to remind. Based on this video: We can observe that this is actually not straightforward save/load issue. Finally in this post: @DaClown compared mass deletion to heat deletion. I wish I could help You more with this bug.