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any tips for surviving in caves

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3 minutes ago, pumpkid said:

i need help surviving i always die like the first 2 secs i step away from the sinkhole

How did you die?

Meanwhile, here are my tips:

  1. Wear a football helmet; it will protect your head from earthquakes from above.
  2. Make an Alchemy Engine so that you can make a Lantern. It's a Light Source that lasts much longer than a torch and it's refuelable with Light Bulbs. There's plenty of Light Bulbs in the cave.
  3. Bring a way to feed yourself down there. Food can be scarce down there and you don't want to starve to death.
  4. Beware of having meat near Bunnymen; they hate players that carry meat in their inventory (and monster characters aka Webber and Wortox).
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Always wear armor underground, even if it means forgoing a hat or backpack. If your armor has less than 30% durability, make another one of the same type.

Lantern and miners hat can both be fueled by light bulbs. Good options are:

Hand: Lantern (drop on ground to fight)
Chest: Dapper Vest
Head: Football Helmet


Hand: Walking Cane (switch to weapon to fight)
Chest: Log Suit
Head: Miners Helmet

Also, bring a better weapon than a spear. At least a tentacle spike. Ham Bat or Morning Star are good options.

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First you’ll need to ask yourself what are you doing in the caves, are you just picking lightbulbs/resources, are you traveling between sinkholes, or are you staying for 1 season ? There are plenty more examples, but you’ll need to find the one that suits you better, if you just wanna explore, my suggestion is creating a base near an illuminated piece of land, which will benefit you with sunlight and knowing which time of day it is.

If you’re just passing by, grab some lightbulbs, and make a run for the nearest exit ignoring all the mobs and trouble.

After you get the hang of it, going to the caves will be as normal as walking on the surface. Oh, and aways bring a Tam with you and some sanity foods if possible.


And don’t forget to bring some weapons, armor and healing items just in case.


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Caves content isn’t as scary as anyone is making it out to be, and in fact you can (mostly) survive down here just fine with as little as a few torches and campfires, you will burn through tons of resources- but if you don’t have lanterns yet you can still successfully rush the caves without having them.

There are a lot of very useful resources down here, including but not limited just to free gems raining from the heavens during earthquakes.

Most of the mobs down in caves are no different from surface mobs, there are some that can be particular nasty (those cute innocent looking monkeys aren’t your friend get away…) And Slurpers horrified the heck out of me the first time I ever saw one in action!

Dont forget Marble Armor, Day One Beefalo that follow you everywhere, and new cool character abilities make things significantly easier.

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9 hours ago, pumpkid said:



i think lantern tip will help

oh and i always die from bunnymen

i main webber a lot

If you are learning recipes like lantern i would advice you to explore the caves but without expecting so much. Is an advanced area but can be useful to pick lightbulbs, glass, minerals (including red and blue gems from stalagmites which is very useful if you arent experienced), etc

Always bring armor (this applies for the entire game), a good light source like lakhnish said. Remember that you can drop the lantern to have light with your hands free

I like miner hat because you can fight with a wood armor and move easily

Also if you can get something to restore your sanity will help, in the caves you are constanly losing sanity. Taffy (3honey+twig in the crockpot) or farming green mushrooms (there is a biome for each kind of mushroom so you can farm a lot) so you can roast them in the firepit to restore sanity. Also, if you find ponds with lichen, you can fish for eels which can be used for very good dishes like surf n' turf (2 monster meat+2 eels, gived 60hp and 30 sanity or something like that)

In the caves there is not hound waves but be carefully, that doesnt mean nothing will come after you.

That reminds me that cave mobs usually have a lot of damage so i wont tank them while fighting

As weeber you can find interesting spider biomes. Try to hire some regular spiders or cave spiders to have protection or food if needed. Also finding and befriending the special species of spiders from the caves will unlock the recipe to transform regular surfave spiders into these species

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A recommended light source for the caves and night time is a lantern, but first acquire a football helmet, that is a good armor (really cheap! A pig skin, rope and an alchemy engine is required, a few are recommended) And just because the caves are dark, doesn't mean they're ridiculously dangerous. 

Anyway, I also suggest having a weapon, the caves have a lot to offer, just make sure you have a good light source other than a torch. Having any food is also nice, I suggest at least 12 meatballs, hopefully (even if I gave minimal tips) this makes your survival in the caves easier

G'day : ) 

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