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Modded character ideas


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  1. 1. Do you draw?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. If yes on question 1 do you like drawing

    • Yes
    • Not that much
    • SO YES
  3. 3. Are you good at drawing?

    • Yes
    • No
  4. 4. Are you ready?

    • Yes
    • HECK YEA
    • I AM READY

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im not exactly sure whats the question here was again are you askin for disign ideas for your mod? or just like to see drawings? but anyways i do drawings as you see here in fact this one here is a brand new one i dit or well you know a part of it that is actualy its the first step of the full drawin i dit not the full version of the drawing that has too much on it like background and other characters and because this is an question of character disign its better if i only post you this first step that has more focus on it so anyways why you ask?

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I made a character too

Warner Bat

The Half Corrupted      [odds of survival] [slim]

He has 100 hp 100 hunger and 200 sanity

is slow during the day but is fast during dusk and night.

Can fly.

is weak during the day and is stronger at dusk and night.

has a curse.

transforms during full moon and new moon.


Warner Bat (new moon form)

Is 3 times stronger than normal.

is 2 times faster.

has night vision.

has 2 times health and hunger, but sanity is 100.

Gestalts hurt him, but mobs don’t unless attacked.9970BE90-4D5A-40D2-B828-C9AB0BDDF6F5.jpeg.8debfd01b6cfe5716fa0c0e449e9f1b4.jpeg

Warner Bat (full moon form)

Is 2 times weaker.

is 2 times faster.

health and hunger go down to 75, but sanity is 300.

Gestalts never hurt him.

Looses sanity when hurt.

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