As omeone who has no idea on how to do mods, I decided to make a thread on this to see if anyone was curious. I think a few mechanics would be: impervious to pain from eating rot catcoon herder If having Low sanity makes skeledork chat up a storm to encourage the player to either make the sanity get lower or higher depending on tolerance of puns and bad jokes(like Lucy but worse). A lot of phrases are "This reminds me of [etc]". Has a Xylophone for a voice /sawbone emote has a personal real sawbone [once gnaw/quagmire comes around]Stargazy pie/fishpie is a special recipie/Can make and plant coffee beans after hammering other skeletons to make a special brand of calcium-based coffee So not a op mod, just something I'd like to work on in the future. Personally I want to work on a NPC Maxwell mod on my own(so I can make it a template for longer/taller bodies)n but this is a simpler mod.       If anyone wants to help me out, comment here. I'd love to brainstorm on more on how this mod would work.