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Is there a full list of what every ancient tomb word means?

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So I was looking on google to see if there was a alphabet version of the pictures as I want to decode what the Methus puzzle is talking about, I know a few of the words like "W" is for King and "M" for Queen but how do they use the alphabet when they write about that puzzle? And any other translation to the images unless there is no full alphabet. 

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8 hours ago, minespatch said:

Would be nice if the devs threw us a bone, :wilson_dorky:

On June 1, my dear. Jokes aside, I think Klei gave everything we should can solve all lore mysteries with the last update. You could at least inteprete what the murals are saying by looking at the picture. It would be nice if each ancient letter has a latin euqivalent but it's probably meaningless arrayed symbols :(.

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11 hours ago, Pinkamena11FazP said:

Maybe we could all make an uncannon Alphabete even though it wouldn't be accurate, maybe then the murals will make sense?

There aren't common letters like English has like "A","N" or "E". Also, the murals have symbols with a meaning. The only rosetta stone we have is the cave painting. But it's just a theory because I can see words:


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