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  1. if you are lucky you can get spots from catcoon.
  2. I feel like the crops table is already very much inflated. There is only a mere 3.2 % chance getting a pepper plant seed in summer. In a lightout world I've been feeding pines to a catcoon for almost 1 yr, and I am still missing dragon fruit and pomegranate seed. So if we are to add more crops I think there is a need in adjusting some of the RNG numbers.
  3. That is not exactly what I have to complaint about the farming system. It is more about how the level of nutrient is presented. Call it a graphic/art issue may be. Like if I ask you, how much Super Growth Formula/Compost/Bucket-o-poop do I need to add to the farm tile to bring it to close to 90+ for every nutrient type, can you answer just by looking at the screenshot I've provided above? It matters because I wasn't trying to farm by planting perfectly balanced crops combination. I was trying to just simply grow all the seeds I had on hand. So to manage stress level I need to give Super Growth Formula/Compost/Bucket-o-poop to farm tile as Nutrient run low.
  4. Why klei has to make farming so difficult? So hard to read which nutrient is in need for supplement.
  5. The way I understand it: 1) Wagstaff's colleague come up with the conclusion that organic component is bad. 2) He build a WX-78 and a memory cloning unit. When he is ready he asked Wagstaff to help activate it. 3) WX-78 wake up. Wagstaff greet WX-78, Wagstaff's colleague is not seen (more to that later). 4) As a robot WX-78 give assistance to Wagstaff's portal, but it is having issue to cope with the loss of his human body. From this WX-78's point of view, he is a human trapped in a robot body. Therefore the indention was not to turn himself into a robot. 5) Wagstaff's colleague is either dead/in vegetative state. Otherwise he should be working along side WX-78. 6) WX-78 lost it. Wagstaff try to claim it down but he fail. Seeing how this can potentially be dangerous Wagstaff destroy the rest of the robots. He also disconnect WX-78's memory unit to stabilize it. 7) At some point Wagstaff dispatch WX-78 to the Constant. May be this is how Wagstaff retrieve material/spiders from the Constant. 8) After a pigman raid, WX-78 is damaged. Winona is really addicted to fixing things. She see a disconnected part, she has to reconnect it with spare wiring. 9) WX-78 "remember" his origin. He decided to live as a robot, so he destroy the unit. That also clears up some internal space for circuit upgrade. edit: about point 6) I think it is also possible that, somehow WX-78 was confessed. It "think" it is Wagstaff's colleague, which is a human. So it try to continue with the experiment - to create robot and clone it's memory. Wagstaff try to convince WX-78 that it is a robot, but WX-78 reacted aggressively. Hence Wagstaff burn the rest of the robot and unplug WX-78's memory.
  6. thank so much. redundant is the word I was looking for. You sir sum up the 1000 words I am trying to put out and convey my message in just a few lines. You are the best!
  7. Ok then. Bring tools and walking cane and torch to the weapon tabs as well. Because it is more damage then punching after all. So people who doesn't open wiki can know it is indeed better than punching. And remember to add torch to winter tab as well.
  8. I think I've already explained. I mean by your logic why aren't all the tools listed under Weapons tab? I can kill a spider with an axe so it is a weapon too why not? And yes I just realize the walking cane is under clothing tab too. Which if you think about it, it is a tool, it is a weapon, and you cannot wear it like piece of clothing. So all armors can go to clothing tab as well but the walking cane should be in tools and weapon tabs. Admit it this is just a mess.
  9. And this is what I mean when I said I feel like the main crafting menu is kinda messy. I know these 3 items emit lights but I am not sure they are supposed to be there since thats not their primary use. Say for example If I am in dire need to get light and I know with the material I have I can only go for a morning star, I will go to "fighting tab" and look for morning star. Now I know morning star is in the fighting tab too, but the point is since if I need morning star I will go to fighting tab, it doesn't need to be included in light source tab as well. Right now it is just an additional icon sitting there for my brain to process and adds no value by doing so. Speaking of light source tab somehow the star staff is not there so I dont know I am so confused right now. Right but I wasn't expecting it to fall under "clothing tab" either. At least they've included a search tab so I can craft my first backpack because that is what I did. Ever wonder why they needed a search tab now btw? It is because this is indeed kinda messy and get some used to. People are bound to get lost in it and therefore they've included a search function.
  10. I actually craft it 2 times in my 2 hrs reworked wx experience. I was wx in the cave. Drop my backpack at the entrance of ruin. After doing some ruin stuff I want to craft a new backpack to carry stuff back. And that gave me a painful 10 secs just to craft a backpack (yes it was the second backpack I've ever crafted using the new UI). "only need to make it once" is not a good excuses imo. You never know when and which item you'll need to be able to craft as fast as possible. Call it an obsession if you want. For me it is just the most logical way to organize things. It is like when you build a base and you have your own ways to organize the chests. I look at the default pinned pages and I see pickaxe and touches on the same pages, it was an eye sore. Lets just say if the main crafting menu has "1-click crafting" and "auto hide", I will be using the main crafting menu for the most part. At least if I "play long enough" I will remember the new icon tabs well enough muscle memory will start functioning again. For what good reason after 3k hrs playing DST I now have to gain a new set of muscle memory? That's logic beyond my understanding. And no I am not using controller.
  11. If you have SW DLC you can try 1) ape farms. This is the best strats by far. Very safe and fast. Tons of food from the farm. 2) doydoy farms. To make this work I think you need to be world hopping alot to move doydoy in and out. if not, bunnyman/pigs/birds/butterfly farm works too.
  12. I am not saying the current system is all bad. I can see the value where players can customize the pinned-page like in your example can make it easier to bundle/rebundle stuff. I think it needs some improvement. I rarely use non default skins. I get confused a lot when there are different skins of the same items all over the place so I just stuck to 1 skin type which usually means the default skin. I have no issue finding new learned recipe back then. Took me awhile to find the backpack from the main menu with this new system. The main crafting menu provide more room for more items. The Pinned pages does not. In fact it is less room for the Pinned pages because you only have 9 pages and each page only have 9 slots. This is a good feature. Thou I doubt it has anything to do with UI change. The gaming experience speak for itself I guess. I am crafting very slowly and now I have to spend hrs trying to workout how I want the pinned pages looks like. To do that I have to fire up the singleplayer DS to make screenshot of the old TAB so I know how things are listed in order in the old system. And since the pages only have 9 slots a ton of items won't make it into the pinned pages so I still have to open up that main crafting menu and craft from there. Overall my experience using the new UI is this: 1) Crafting from main menu is slow because it is way more clicking, messy category, and need to Press Esc to close the window after each crafting. 2) Pinned page has limited slots which make it difficult to fit in enough item of the same group. 3) Editing pinned pages takes forever. 4) Because of 2) & 3) I keep going back to the main crafting menu for almost everything which means I keep experiencing 1) Which reminds me to add point number 5: 5) Please add option to auto-hide main crafting menu after crafting. I craft a touch from main crafting menu, my mouse is not on the crafting window, the window should now auto-hide.
  13. I prefer left click but I understand your point so lets make both possible by choice at the game option menu.