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  1. Telelocator Staff glitched. Stuck at loading screen
  2. Read REad Birds of the world x 2 + Sleepytime Stories x 1 *before the night falls*. Birds and krampus stay asleep during night time. Unless it is summer you should have enough time to kill all the birds and krampus alone. I tested this just now. I am not sure if I have done anything wrong on this thou. Looks like the bee will come out, get to a flower, then realize it is dark outside and get back to the bee box right away. So no honey produced. I think to make this work you will need to put down some fireflies on top of each flowers as well?
  3. How to make beebox produce honey underground where there are not ceiling light. 1) Use star staff to get some lights. 2) Plant some flowers. 3) Turn flowers into evil flowers (haunt). Evil flowers don't wither even when there are no lights. 4) place a bee box nearby Optional 5) bring some homeless bees down there as well. Homeless bees will help planting more flowers around the area. May sure you put down some scaled flooring to fire proof the area. Otherwise if a newly spawned flower near a star can catch fire and spread to the surrounding area. 7) may as well build some pig house nearby. Pigs will come out during daytime. Before you ask, no you cannot spawn butterfly underground with this method. (Last I check this trick doesn't work with moon staff. Things may have changed thou)
  4. Interesting Megabase Room Ideas?

    1) light bulb +reeds + *big* tentacles: You can find the biome in the cave. Ideally you want to find a spot with many big tentacles and lightbulb. Reeds are optional because you can have reeds trap that gives you way better reeds farm. Build a ton of bunnyman house nearby. place a bird cage and 3~4 farms and grow carrot. Use 1 carrot to befriend a bunnyman, then order the bunnyman to kill the big tentacles in the area. grab all the tentacles spikes/ tentacles spot. Clear all the spiders as well if you want. Now build a seaworthy there, use it to teleport to SW 2) snakeskin farm: Now find an island with tons of snakes spawner. remove all the flowers/trees/monkey. Cover the whole place with lighting rod. plant some Elephant Cactus next to snakes spawner. Go find the Seaworthy and relocate it to this snake island. build the skyworthy next to the seaworth, use the skyworthy to teleport back to your base. My snake island also have fishermerm house x 2 and some ponds for SW fish. As for the nettles farming issue: Sprinkler isn't that useful IMO. It has bad watering area, it require fuels and the fuel tank is small so I am kinda stuck with the thing to keep it refueled. The layout of the pipe is bad and hard to control. Forced to place it near a pond etc. My solution is to grow many nettles at once and make stockpiles of harvest during rainly season. In hamlet, it takes about 1 full year of rain for nettle to reach maturity. I use green book *while it is rainning* to mass produce nettles. You can use Telelocator Staff/Dripple Pipes to call for rain if you are really desperate for a harvest. Be aware that dripple pipes may not work in hamlet for the rain it produce may not be heavy enough to make nettle open up. Also this weevole farm:
  5. I stand right next to a science machine and unable to prototype it. This happens in SW world. In Hamlet world I was wearing Brain of Thought and still cannot craft it. Edit: I drop an Alchemy Engine over SW and were able to craft it over there.
  6. How fast could you kill Ancient Herald

    I just use blow dart spam.
  7. Interesting Megabase Room Ideas?

    eye plant->leafymeat->egg farm? snakeskin farm? anything SW related. poop farm reeds farm tentacles farm light bulb farm bee string farm Tea Trees and piko spawner I grow my nettles without sprinklers.
  8. Base Location Struggles

    Pretty much all biomes can make a good base, thou some has unique properties to offer. For hamlet I usually just buy that Slanty Shanty and use it as base. It is way too far from every kind of resources/point of interest, but I feel like it is how I am suppose to play and treat the inconvenience as part of the unique challenge. In my current game thou I am building a mega base. I have decided to build my base at the 5th island for the following reason: 1) No giants/Summer fire/Volcanic Eruptions that can destroy your base. 2) Closest to the aporkalypse calendar 3) Not many reason to visit other island once the whole world is looted, so may as well just stay on the 5th island. 4) The lily pond is usually the biggest. 5) Offer enough space to build. Also planning to build other bases. One at the volcano for the easy assess of obsidian workbench, and one in one of the ruins near Ancient pseudoscience station.
  9. 1) get chester(I upgraded to ice chester.) 2) Take chester into cave/ruin. Put some stuff inside 3) get back to surface. Travel to Hamlet ver skyworthy. 4) chester follow you to hamlet. Item duplicated.
  10. 1) get chester(I upgraded to ice chester.) 2) Take chester into cave/ruin. Put some stuff inside 3) get back to surface. Travel to Hamlet ver skyworthy. 4) chester follow you to hamlet. Item duplicated.
  11. My real life dragon pie

    where are the twigs?
  12. 1) Plant like 200 trees at Fountain of Youth. Use applied horticulture to grow the trees to largest size 2) Activate fountain of youth to spawn Pugalisk. Pugalisk knock down like half of the trees, 3 treeguards spawned. Then the game become so lag the character can barely move. Meanwhile Pugalisk seems to have unaffected movement and killed the player. I have done 400 trees in the pass so I don't think it is a matter of my computer's performance. TBH I think Standalone DS is not as stable as DST. I have lost at least 6 500+ days save due to all kinds of glitch and save corruption. I think I am gona stop playing hamlet. Hopefully things get improved in the future.
  13. Moleworm is actually much easier to find than it used to be. Just mine and break "unimportant pillars" in Ancient Pig Ruins or Cave Cleft. You do have to be quick picking up the moleworm before it get killed by falling rocks thou. Make sure you have good armor, high health and be ready to tank afew hit or be poisoned by scorpion. I rush to the moleworm to grab it even if it means unable to dodge falling rocks etc.
  14. 1) Start a game in Hamlet, 2) get the slanty. Build skyworthy in the slanty. Also build some other rooms. 3) build a meat effigy **outdoor**. 4) now travel to ROG then die. upon your death the game try to resurrect you using the meat effigy. After the loading screen comes the glitch: your screen are showing an empty room, it is the room where you build your skyworthy except the skyworthy is now gone and there are no doors. If you press "m" for the map you see the map the layout the slanty's room connection. Also your character is missing becuase it is actually spawned **outdoor** where the meat effigy was.