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  1. Telelocator Staff glitched. Stuck at loading screen
  2. Read REad Birds of the world x 2 + Sleepytime Stories x 1 *before the night falls*. Birds and krampus stay asleep during night time. Unless it is summer you should have enough time to kill all the birds and krampus alone. I tested this just now. I am not sure if I have done anything wrong on this thou. Looks like the bee will come out, get to a flower, then realize it is dark outside and get back to the bee box right away. So no honey produced. I think to make this work you will need to put down some fireflies on top of each flowers as well?
  3. How to make beebox produce honey underground where there are not ceiling light. 1) Use star staff to get some lights. 2) Plant some flowers. 3) Turn flowers into evil flowers (haunt). Evil flowers don't wither even when there are no lights. 4) place a bee box nearby Optional 5) bring some homeless bees down there as well. Homeless bees will help planting more flowers around the area. May sure you put down some scaled flooring to fire proof the area. Otherwise if a newly spawned flower near a star can catch fire and spread to the surrounding area. 7) may as well build some pig house nearby. Pigs will come out during daytime. Before you ask, no you cannot spawn butterfly underground with this method. (Last I check this trick doesn't work with moon staff. Things may have changed thou)
  4. I stand right next to a science machine and unable to prototype it. This happens in SW world. In Hamlet world I was wearing Brain of Thought and still cannot craft it. Edit: I drop an Alchemy Engine over SW and were able to craft it over there.
  5. 1) get chester(I upgraded to ice chester.) 2) Take chester into cave/ruin. Put some stuff inside 3) get back to surface. Travel to Hamlet ver skyworthy. 4) chester follow you to hamlet. Item duplicated.
  6. 1) get chester(I upgraded to ice chester.) 2) Take chester into cave/ruin. Put some stuff inside 3) get back to surface. Travel to Hamlet ver skyworthy. 4) chester follow you to hamlet. Item duplicated.
  7. 1) Plant like 200 trees at Fountain of Youth. Use applied horticulture to grow the trees to largest size 2) Activate fountain of youth to spawn Pugalisk. Pugalisk knock down like half of the trees, 3 treeguards spawned. Then the game become so lag the character can barely move. Meanwhile Pugalisk seems to have unaffected movement and killed the player. I have done 400 trees in the pass so I don't think it is a matter of my computer's performance. TBH I think Standalone DS is not as stable as DST. I have lost at least 6 500+ days save due to all kinds of glitch and save corruption. I think I am gona stop playing hamlet. Hopefully things get improved in the future.
  8. 1) Start a game in Hamlet, 2) get the slanty. Build skyworthy in the slanty. Also build some other rooms. 3) build a meat effigy **outdoor**. 4) now travel to ROG then die. upon your death the game try to resurrect you using the meat effigy. After the loading screen comes the glitch: your screen are showing an empty room, it is the room where you build your skyworthy except the skyworthy is now gone and there are no doors. If you press "m" for the map you see the map the layout the slanty's room connection. Also your character is missing becuase it is actually spawned **outdoor** where the meat effigy was.
  9. 1) catch a piko 2) pack in bunding wrap 3) open the bundle to release the piko. now watch it stealing the wax paper 4) catch the same piko while it is still holding the wax paper 5) kill it by right clicking the piko while it is in your inventory. You get 1 morel but no wax paper. The wax paper is gone forever.
  10. Looks like Jungle Burr that has been stored in a chest for a long time, will disappear if drop on the ground. I have lost a few stacks of Jungle Burr from this glitch.
  11. marked in red. Map showing evergreen trees/mushtrees that don't exist. Seems to be related to map showing Bramble Bloom icons.
  12. Update: After playing for 2 more years in the same save I notice something: The world actually HAS birds. The issue, is no birds on some turfs (Magma turfs, SW crafted cobblestones turf, tidal marsh turf for example).
  13. I don't mind the Fiesta last abit longer. I think it is fun to watch. Don't like the junk they put into my pocket thou.
  14. Krissure: Getting in/out of volcano, world hop, dead and respawn etc seems to trigger this glitch. Krissure eruption last forever, lost of Krissure eruption sound, cannot cook food at the erupting krissure, no fire damage/overheat near it. This bug is so old and annoying. It turns Krissure into a permanent light source. Please fix this bug for it is at least 3 yrs old.
  15. I used the in-game report function already but I thought I may as well create a ticket here. I played on halmet for like 300 days, then world hop to SW. At SW it was mid-hurricane season over there. I explore the map and build base as usually. Killed sealnado and tiger shark. Then during dry season I visited volcano to collect coffee plants. After that world hoped back to Hamlet to plant coffee plant and wait for the dry season to end. At some point the aporkalypse occurred so I ended it asap. Soon after that it is Mild season day 1 over SW so I head back to SW. Plant 80 trees, build 4 ROG ver Pig house, killed 4 treeguards. So now I wanted a bird in my bird cage and this is the point where I realize SW world stopped spawning any birds at all. The book Bird of the World has no effect.
  16. At least some of the palace works and can spawn balphin. (like 1/3 of the time)
  17. Non-Wagstaff character can shot fire balls using fryfocals by ctrl+L-click target. Thou the character will turn invisible during the attack animation.
  18. 1) Start with Warly, drop a Chef Pouch. 2) Go though adventure mode. 3) Spawn as other character. Now the seemingly despawned chef pouch will still have a map icon. Pressing spacebar the chef pouch is actually still there, just that it has turn invisible.
  19. Non-Wagstaff player using the Telebrella/telipad = character get stuck. This is possible. 1) Start a game as wagstaff, place telipad and telebrella. 2) Finish adventure mode, spawn as other character (e.g Maxwell). 3) Pick up and use the telebrella 4) Now get stuck.
  20. Adventure Mode- King of Winter Warly can spawn way too close to the camp fire. As a result the chef pouch burn down before the player has a chance to pick it up.
  21. 1) Hit a moleworm with hammer 2) Pick it up. 3) save and exit. 4) load the save again. 5) drop the moleworm 6) wait for it to make a burrow 7) you can now press space bar to pickup that same moleworm when it is in it's tunneling movement.
  22. Not sure if this is a gameplay issue or a glitch but here it goes. 1) Build a drying rack indoor 2) Dry a piece of meat 3) Get outside and call in the rain (or it could have been the fog causing the issue here) 4) Get back into the house and take the jerky off the rack. The jerky will be wet, which it shouldn't be since there is no rain indoor.
  23. Not sure if the flower just die, or if it is a glitch related to loading? I know in DST flowers turn withered if is not plant near sun light. However in hamlet the flower just disappear and it seems so random.