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  1. It will make it much easier to space out the schedules without the square counting.
  2. you have the option to use green amulet for the 50% cost saving in a speed run.
  3. did you stay on the same spot? or did you keep sailing until you found the fish?
  4. Any tips on how to find ice bream? I've spent 3 winter and cannot find any.
  5. I find this interesting so I did some testing. Apparently if you stack hot dragon chili salad/stuffed pepper poppers and fire nettles you can pull it off. Not sure if this can work in winter/spring thou. Also, the temperature increase effect from different crock pot dishes can sometime cancel each other out. E.g if you eat hot dragon chili salad first then eat spicy chili after, you lost the dragon chili salad buff :< . Result from different dishes stacking are kinda inconsistent.
  6. I think I found out how to reproduce the glitch. 1) wear your backpack when you are on a boat. 2) pick up a sculpt like item (e.g Sunken Chest) where the game will force drop your backpack automatically. 3) now pick up the backpack. The backpack is now glitched.
  7. The character trying to repair an thermal stone that is in the backpack. I think the game failed to find the actually location of the thermal stone or the backpack and hence the character went circling. other related backpack issue: 1) When sailing, chester on boat go nuts looking for it's eyebone. This happen when the backpack is glitched, and you place the eyebone in the backpack. 2) When the backpack is glitched, if you pick up an item that is suppose to go into an empty slot in the backpack, the item will not show and seemingly disappeared, but it has actually already been pick up and is not sitting in the empty backpack slot. To get the disappeared item back, you need to use your mouse to manually place another item at the "empty slot" in your backpack.
  8. I think wormwood is a walking flower pot, soil form his meat and worms form his bone. The plant matter you see on the surface is just parasitic stuff from wormwood's perspective. Which is why from time to time he get rid of them but they keep growing back.
  9. I will pick dragonfly if it is up to me. Green gem = thulecite, which is more useful than bee queen crown. Klaus drop bee queen crown too and is way easier to manage. In my current warly only solo world I needed to kill bee queen for the bundling wrap BP. Warly hambat + spiced voltgoat jelly + thulecite suit + bee keeper hat + 50 bunnymen. After the fight my thulecite suit is down to 10% durability. Bunnymen is just not that useful in the last phase of the fight so I still take alot of damage toward the end of the fight. Use winona's catapult to kill grumble bees, fight bee queen on a boat so she stay at one spot seems to be the easier way.
  10. I am currently playing a Warly lightout world. Hope this help. Best option is meaty stew. Dupe some moles, get 6 monster meat. Use 4 monster meat to hurt a werepig, then use the 2 meat and 2 monster meat to make 2 meaty stew. There you go 2 days worth of food + a pig skin for helm. For early game healing: 1) Butter Muffin + 20 HP, 1 butterfly wing + 1 mushroom/cactus/carrot/kelp fronds + 2 twigs. This is by far the easiest for early game warly. Preserve/plant flowers at key location so you can have easy access to butterfly. 2) Trail Mix + 30 HP, (roasted birchnut + berry = 3) + 1 twigs. This one is really easy too make too. At any Moose/Goose spawn point you can find the birchnut trees and 5 berry bush. I like to keep those berry bush there. 3) Guacamole + 20 HP, 1 cactus + 1 mole + 2 twigs. Dupe some moles, drop them at the desert. Leave a hammer and crock pot there too. Anytime you pass by the desert you have easy access to the dish there. Also consider bring some cactus back home so you can make this dish at base. 4) Banana Pop +20 HP + 33 Sanity. If you know the cave/ruin well this is pretty easy to do too. I like to bring a some banana back to base when I have the inventory space. 5) Froggle Bunwich + 20 HP. 1 Frog leg + 1 mushroom/cactus/carrot + 2 twigs. Don't like killing frogs but this works too. Once you have access to fishing rod, 1) fishsticks +40 HP = 1 Fish + 2 filler + 1 sticks. I use monster meat as fillers. 2) Surf 'n' Turf + 60HP + 50 Sanity = 3 Fish + 1 monster meat. Also consider getting a sea fishing rod early. Wobster Bisque + 60 HP = 1 Wobster + 1 ice + 2 twigs. Pretty OP if you have a wobster den nearby. About Bee box: I don't like the idea of making bee box early. By the time you have the bee box and the base set, it is almost winter. Easier to just kill some bees/hive for 4~6 honeys. I will worry about bee box after 1st winter. Honey Ham +30 HP = 1 honey + 1 monster meat + 2 morsel About Monster Tartare: Monster Tartare -20HP + 62.5 Hunger - 20 sanity = 4 monster meat or 2 monster meat + 2 ice. If you have access to a tent, this dish is pretty nice too. The tent restore 1 Sanity and 2 Health /s at a costs of 1 Hunger /s. So you gain 40~50 Hunger out of this dish. About Spicy Chili: This is an interesting dish. It give + 20 HP, and does not require "unique" ingredients (as in trail mix need roasted birchnut or guacamole need a mole and a cactus). The recipes is 1.5 Meat + 1.5 Vegetables. So the minimum requirement will be something like 1 morsel + 1 monster meat + 1 carrot/cactus + 1 mushroom. Meat is best used for other dish so it is not considered. Mole + Cactus = Guacamole so that should be cooked first. Spicy chili is pretty much the last dish you should consider. That said if you like to take the 50% chance to gamble. You can try 2 monster meat + 1 carrot + 1 mushroom which may result in monster lasagna. This only work in normal crock pot. About monster lasagna If you are at zero hunger and this is the only food you have. The 37.5 points is enough to keep you running for another 200 secs. At a cost of - 20 HP -20 sanity it is a pretty good trade when considering the health drain at zero hunger is like -1.25 HP /s. Make sure you have at least 21 HP or else this dish can kill you. Otherwise, as a way to "recycle" it, you can use this to substitute 1 monster meat when farming werepigs. Make sure you feed 3 monster meat first, then feed the monster lasagna after. Otherwise the pig will have full stomach and cannot finish eating all 3 monster meats and 1 monster lasagna.
  11. I think a recent patch broke this. Before the eye of the storm update this was fine. Rabbit and krampus should sleep in the cave just like the beefalo did in the video. It is permanent night time down there.
  12. depends on which boss you fighting. 4k HP boss or 100k HP boss, things can work out differently.
  13. "Regenerate world" button is in the game menu for a reason. I don't care if people think it is there so people can mistaken it as then rollback button. I believe we should put the regenerate world option back to its intended use.
  14. this update seems to have break cave nighttime sleep schedule for some mobs such as rabbits and krampus